BY Art Thiel 10:18AM 08/27/2015

Lynch apparently agrees to play nice with media

An appeal hearing for a $75,000 fine was canceled Thursday, and NFL sources are reporting that Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch has agreed to cooperate with NFL media policy.

Marshawn Lynch made his way through the hordes during media day in Phoenix at the Super Bowl. / Drew McKenzie, Sportpress Northwest

Apparently Marshawn Lynch will be here, so he won’t get fined. Here, meaning mandatory minimum group interviews. The Seahawks’ semi-reluctant running back apparently has agreed to cooperate some, a little, whatever. reported Thursday that a hearing this week to appeal his $75,000 fine from the past season has been canceled because he has agreed to comply with the NFL’s media access policy.

At least, he says he will. Whether that means giving avoidance answers as he did during Super Bowl week — “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” — or offering funny, engaging wit that has made him a darling of late-night talk shows, remains to be seen.

Whether his fine was reduced or eliminated wasn’t clear. Pro Football Talk reported that he was dunned for an obscene gesture during the NFC Championship with Green Bay, as well as not talking after the game.

He had dropped the appeal for the obscene gesture but had been awaiting a hearing for the $50,000 fine for not talking to the media.

Lynch has given numerous interviews to multiple reporters and TV shows, but disdains the group gab that is also part of the pro sports scene.  It will be fun to see his latest workarounds for those sessions.



  • Will

    I kinda dig Marshawn’s past performance art … it will interesting to follow his new script (if there’s to be a new script). Whatever he does it will probably still rankle those wanting cliches and go team go rah rahs.

    • Eric K

      yeah I challenge anyone who criticizes Lynch’s “I’m just here..” answers to remember what any other player said during the press events leading up to the SB.
      The whole thing is silly, clichéd questions with clichéd answers and everyone pretends it is important and Lynch was doing pure performance art exposing it.

      • art thiel

        I don’t known if you can expose something that’s widely known.

        Marshawn is a clever dude, and it would be fun if the world saw more of it.

    • art thiel

      Marshawn is a bright guy with wise things to say. I’d be up for that conversation,

  • John M

    Such a sea change makes me want to rush out and buy a gross of Skittles. Thing is, what if it really is true and he has really, sincerely nothing telling within a journalistic context to say? We can hope for some of the cool slide he gave Dion Sanders, but it may not happen. Marshawn lives in his own world and he’s shown not to be very comfortable venturing out of it . . .

    • art thiel

      Let’s see what happens before you go comatose on Skittles.

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