BY SPNW Staff 05:21PM 09/04/2015

Update: Seahawks sign Jackson, waive Turbin

After agreeing to sign free agent RB Fred Jackson, the Seahawks Friday waived veteran RB Robert Turbin, who was booked to be Marshawn Lynch’s back-up for a third year until he sprained an ankle in the third presseason game in San Diego.

Turbin had offseason surgery on both hips, but seemed to be running well in preseason until the ankle injury. He will be a free agent at the end of the season, but can be claimed by any NFL team for 24 hours. If he goes unclaimed, he could come back to Seattle on injured reserve. That may be what the Seahawks are gambling on.

The Seahawks could also reach an injury settlement with Turbin. And he could be re-signed after the season.

The Seahawks did not announce the signing of Jackson on Friday, likely because others moves are pending as the team cuts the roster to the maximum 53 players by 1 p.m. Saturday.

Jackson, who broke into the NFL with Lynch in 2007, has rushed for 5,646 yards and 30 touchdowns. He was the Bills’ third-leading career rusher behind Thurman Thomas and O.J. Simpson.

Asked about Jackson, who visited Seattle headquarters Tuesday, coach Pete Carroll said, “He’s always been a good runner. He’s got great feel and sense. Had a 40-yard run in the game last week and scored a touchdown. He’s been a very adept pass-receiver, and I think that’s something that maybe he could fit in.”

After the Seahawks game Thursday, Carroll said, “We had a good visit with him. I really, really like the kid. We all did.”

The Bills made Lynch their first-round pick out of the University of California in 2007, the same year Jackson joined the team after playing in NFL Europe. After the Seahawks acquired Lynch in a trade early in the 2010 season, Jackson became Buffalo’s primary back.

Third-year RB Christine Michael rushed for 39 yards on eight carries (4.9 per rush) with a long gain of 15 in Seattle’s 31-21 victory over the Oakland Raiders Thursday night.

Undrafted rookie free agent Thomas Rawls showed well in training camp and finished as Seattle’s leading rusher in the preseason with 158 yards, third-most in the NFL. That will also factor into the team’s decisions.

Jackson is a solid receiver and blocker. Although he averaged a career-low 3.7 yards per carry last season, he caught 66 passes for 501 yards, both career highs. He had his best yardage year in 2009 with 1,062, and his best TD season in 2013 with 10.

The Bills cut Jackson because they wanted to open up cap space.


  • 1coolguy

    Wow – what a shame. This means Turbin and Michael haven’t met or exceeded expectations. The Hawks have shown a tremendous amount of patience with these 2 and they have essentially blown the opportunity. Getting Jackson is fine but we shouldn’t have needed him. With that said, Jackson will really strenthen teh position and will be a godsend for Wilson AND Lynch. Rushing, fine, BUT a very good blocker and receiver, as he is, will really enhance the backfield. In a 2 back set, the defense will have to pay attention to Jackson, giving Lynch more room. Whoa: Lynch with MORE room? LOOK OUT!

    • eYeDEF

      Turbin has a serious injury and might start the season on 8 week IR. That’s why they did this. It’s primarily Michael that’s fallen far short and reports are they’re trying to explore trades right now so they don’t have to cut him for nothing.

      • Effzee

        We’ve been missing that bashing replacement for MRob, not that Jackson will do that, but he is a savvy, durable battering ram. Kind of just what we need. I’ve been feeling a trade of Michael coming all along. I think they’ve wanted more from Turbin and Michael, and Rawles gives them what they are looking for, on the cheap. Keeping him as the 3rd back allows the signing of Old Fred. The backfield will be much improved.

        • art thiel

          Robinson was a fullback, and Derrick Coleman is bigger, stronger and younger.

          You’re right on Rawls; they will get Jackson for the vet minimum of $870K and Rawls for the rookie minimum. Turbin had a base of $660K in his final season.

          • Effzee

            Yeah, I know FJack is not a fullback. I was just saying he will be a good, smart, durable, veteran presence in the backfield, like MRob was. May even vulture some TDs. Those poor people who drafted Marshawn… Hehe. ;-p

      • art thiel

        Mostly true. Seahawks need a pick or a backup tackle, but Michael’s shortfall has diminished his value.

    • jafabian

      I really feel for Christine because he hasn’t had a chance to really grow because of Marshawn’s success. He could be like Justin Forsett or Ahman Green where to reach his potential he’ll have to go elsewhere.

      • art thiel

        He’s had enough chances in practice and games to show he can be assignment-correct and do things other than rush. Hasn’t done it.

    • art thiel

      Turbin’s injury forced the move. BTW, being cut over a sprained ankle is part of the business routine in the NFL that Chancellor seeks some protection against with more guaranteed money after this season.

  • PokeyPuffy

    people have talked of Marshawn’s advanced age, heck this dude is 34 years old and still pulling strong.

    • art thiel

      It’s a rare RB that’s productive after 30. As a temp, Jackson is good. But who do they trust more to back up Lynch?

  • ll9956

    I can’t say that I’m surprised about Turbin getting cut. To look at the guy, he is extremely muscular. But, unless I’m mistaken, it seems he hasn’t rolled up a lot of yards gained. I can’t recall him scoring any TDs–perhaps one or two? He seems like an upstanding person and I hope he does well in the future, perhaps being re-signed by the Hawks.