BY Art Thiel 09:59AM 10/23/2015

Thiel: Original thinking by Dipoto in McKay hire

If Jack Zduriencik were still Mariners GM, he might make a free-agent run at sudden Mets star Daniel Murphy. Wrong. Instead, new GM makes crafty decision to help make Mariners’ average players better.

Andy McKay might be the key to making the many average Mariners players a little better.

The hottest chap in Major League Baseball right now is New York Mets 2B Daniel Murphy, the National League Championship Series MVP who hit home runs in a postseason record six consecutive games. He will attempt seven-for-seven when the World Series commences against either Kansas City or Toronto.

Murphy, 30, is also going to be a free agent this off-season. Multiple baseball sources have said the Mets will not bid because they have younger, cheaper prospects they like better.

Since Murphy has also played first base, as well as third base, in his seven-year career with the Mets, and since the Mariners have a need at first base — unless you consider sufficient the 162-game totals of a .235 batting average, .702 OPS and 77 RBIs cumulatively for the four gents who played the position in 2015 — it’s reasonable to guess the Mariners would be interested.

That thinking omits a key factor: Jack Zduriencik is no longer general manager.

If his successor, Jerry Dipoto, were to have interest in Murphy, I would eat every nice word I said about his hire, plus a tablecloth and a couch.

Murphy is a Z-Man, the sort who characterized Zduriencik’s seven-year tenure that produced two winning seasons and no playoffs: A Justin Smoak/Dustin Ackley/Mike Zunino taker of large resources in return for mediocre output.

Which is not to say that Murphy is a bad player. He’s hit between .281 and .291 in each of the past four seasons, doesn’t strike out a lot and is a versatile, adequate infielder of limited range. But he is not what the post-season power display makes him seem.

Murphy is not a power hitter. In the regular season, he had a career-high 14 home runs. He has 62 in his career. calculated that Murphy’s six-in-six streak had a probability of 0.0002 percent. For comparison, the Washington Post wrote the probability of Murphy or anyone in the U.S. being struck dead by lightning is 0.0083 percent, or about 53 times greater.

Murphy has a salary of $8 million this year, and likely will make bigger bank from some team in the off-season. By now, every team has a metrics analyst who will warn away his bosses from making a big investment, but the sparkly-shiny aspect of Murphy’s postseason will cause some GM to succumb, likely out of desperation for a quick fix.

Certainly, that’s how the Mariners have operated, RF Nelson Cruz being the latest example. Even though he had a fine output in his first season as a Mariner, the rest of the team around him regressed, helping create a drop from 87 wins in 2014 to 76.

Therein lies the key.

Most teams have the most success by getting the most out of that which they have the most: Average players.

That’s what failed the Mariners last season. Which is why Mariners fans should muster at least a golf clap for Dipoto’s first major hire: A mind coach.

Andy McKay is the Mariners’ new director of player development. I know, I know:  You didn’t know they had such a position, since aside from 3B Kyle Seager, Mariners prospects didn’t develop until they went to other teams.

McKay was a successful college coach unknown to Dipoto until they met a week ago. McKay is a disciple of sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman, whose book, The Mental Game of Baseball, is well-regarded by many in the business, including former Mariners pitcher Jamie Moyer.

McKay summarized his key understanding in an interview with

“You enter professional baseball and, in my estimation, there are 10 percent of those players that can just separate themselves on physical ability, they are that good,” he said. “(Most) can’t separate themselves at the major-league level with their physical ability (alone). So the game really does become 100 percent mental for those players.

“Their ability to focus on the right thing at the right time; their ability to get through a long season without losing focus (while) maintaining confidence, is so fragile in baseball.”

There it is, Mariners fans. For every Cruz in baseball, there are 10 Ackleys, guys who need help to get out of their own way. The mind game is the key to getting the most out of physical potential.

This is hardly news. But baseball’s stubborn traditions typically force players to hunt down help around the edges of the game. What if the mental aspect of peak performance was given a priority and built into the culture of the franchise?

Imagine a passel of younger Mariners players getting as much out of their physical abilities as Moyer did with his, or as Pete Carroll gets out of his low-round draftees and undrafted free agents with the Seahawks.

Not saying McKay can achieve it. Not saying it’s going to happen quickly. Not saying all will buy in.

But imagine a time when Zunino, or Brad Miller or Ketel Marte, drives home a runner in scoring position. Since it barely happened last season, it’s asking a lot of the imagination of Seattle fans.

Who knows? Maybe it’s happening with Murphy, who is as bewildered as everyone watching him.

I can’t explain why the balls keep going out of the ballpark, but they do,” Murphy said. “And we keep winning ballgames, which is the most important part and the coolest part.”

A decisive edge is trapped within most every healthy major-league-level athlete. The Mariners almost never have been able to find it on a sustained basis.

Imagine if they did.



  • jafabian

    It’s interesting that Paul DePodesta, who used saber-metrics to great success in Oakland with GM Billy Beane, is the VP of player development and scouting for the Mets. I wish Dipoto made a play for him. Also kind of wish he would have interviewed Don Mattingly but I’m sure he knew exactly who he wanted under him.

    On paper McKay should be able to stem a long standing problem with prospects underachieving with the M’s during the Jack Zduriencik era after great success in college and in the minors. I’d say that’s been happening since Pat Gillick really. I didn’t like last season how none of the players seemed driven to make the playoffs. All this one game at a time talk, a far cry from the M’s past ALCS teams. I’m hoping McKay and Servais will change the culture of the team and IMO first thing they should do is visit Pete Carroll and attend a Seahawks practice or two. NBA coaches Steve Kerr and Eric Spoestra did and they have rings.

    So the club has a new GM, manager, farm director and a relatively new team president. That leaves one holdover to the dark times. Hope that doesn’t become an issue.

    • art thiel

      Many coaches come calling on Carroll these days.

      Not sure anyone can instill drive in adults. Sports psychology attempts to clear the mind of distractions so focus is entirely on the task at hand. Part of that is not looking back or ahead.

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  • Jon

    The Mariners could have used a few Daniel Murphys this past year. The David Bells and Stan Javiers are the “glue guys” that help good teams be great. But the only way that works is if they are not signed to rich, long term contracts. The M’s shouldn’t overpay for Murphy. Art, it seems you and I are both hoping that Dipoto is not they kind of guy who will do that.

    • notaboomer

      david bell juiced.

      • art thiel

        Amaral too, right?

    • art thiel

      Dipoto’s plan is to use all available data to minimize the chance for personnel error. I know that glue guys seem important in baseball lore, but it’s really about — as I wrote — getting average MLB players to reach full potential. Getting a .240 hitter to hit .260 over the course of a season is huge.

  • Sam Base

    Ackley had read the Dorfman book, but seemed unable to transform what he read into reality. I don’t know if somebody like McKay could have helped him with that. Maybe poor Dustin was always doomed no matter who coached him or what he read. In the wonderful and underrated movie “The Candidate” Robert Redford played Bill McKay who’s campaign slogan was “The Better Way”. Here’s hoping our new McKay really is “the better way”. And same for the new manager.

    • art thiel

      Dorfman’s methodology isn’t bulletproof. Can’t fit all people at all times. But it is a way to unlock potential in some,

  • notaboomer

    what does the staff at sportspressnw do to get the most out of its personnel? visualization? hypnosis? cocktails?

    • art thiel

      We read enlightened words from brilliant commenters.

  • Bayview Herb

    Not fair to include Marte. He was brought on board as a singles hitter in the lead off position. He did fairly well at that position, plus he played better defense at SS.

    • jafabian

      I’m wondering if Dipoto will look for a veteran SS. They have arguably the best 2B in the game. Why do they keep pairing him with rookies?

      • art thiel

        Marte has potential to stay, and they need young guys whose contracts they control.

    • art thiel

      Small sample size. Lots of kids come up hot and fade. Can’t know yet about Marte.

  • Bayview Herb

    My concern is that the new field manager is another front office guy. Does he have the experience to lead a club on a day to day basis.

    • art thiel

      His inexperience will show at times, but that’s the case with every first-time manager. Longtimers have their own set of problems.

  • Rj Smith

    Jason Heyward is far & away the best FA out there for the M’s. Put him in CF & either top or middle of the lineup.