BY Art Thiel 04:39PM 01/01/2016

More Seahawks O-line woes; Lynch Monday?

TE Willson, RG Sweezy definitely out Sunday, Okung likely to miss. Carroll won’t say who plays right guard, but he say he anticipates the return of the Beast Monday.

Pete Carroll says he thinks RB Marshawn Lynch will show up Monday. / Drew McKenzie, Sportspress Northwest

Remember when coach Pete Carroll said after the bye week that the Seahawks had good fortune with health? Never mind.

An offensive line battered by St. Louis was weakened further Friday by news that RG J.R. Sweezy and TE Luke Willson were declared out of Sunday’s game at Arizona because of concussions. Additionally, LT Russell Okung was listed as doubtful because of a calf strain that kept him out of the Rams game.

That means the Seahawks will be without their two most veteran line starters. Starting at left tackle again is Alvin Bailey, who struggled against the Rams’ pressure. At right guard will be either veteran Lem Jeanpierre or Mark Glowinski, a rookie who has had one scrimmage play this season but saw action on special teams in nine games.

Coach Pete Carroll refused Friday to announce his choice.

“You’ve got to wait and see on that one,”Carroll told reporters after practice. “It’ll be a moment of drama.”

Regarding Sweezy’s concussion, which was not brought up after Sunday’s 23-17 loss to the Rams, Carroll said the player offered up nothing until practice Wednesday.

“I was just watching him and he just looked different,” Carroll said. “I asked trainers to take a look at him, and we started to talk to him, and he definitely had concussion symptoms that he didn’t recognize and didn’t report.”

Carroll was asked if the absences of Okung and Sweezy would affect his plans for playing QB Russell Wilson.

“No,” he said.

Bailey is usually the backup at guard as well as tackle, and Jeanpierre backs up at guard and center. Jeanpierre has played in 62 games for Seattle since 2011, including 11 starts, but the Seahawks may not want to move him out of the backup center spot.

Glowinski, 23, the Seahawks’ fourth-round pick out of West Virginia, may get thrown in as the starter.

“He’s a real battler,” Carroll said. “He’s a very technique-sound kid and he’s got a chance to help us. I’m really excited about him getting a chance to play. It’s the maximum challenge for the guy, but he’s tough and he’s done a lot of cool things since he’s been here.”

At tight end, Cooper Helfet likely gets the starting call with newcomer Chase Coffman as the backup.

Some good Seahawks health news: Carroll said he “anticipates” RB Marshawn Lynch to return to practice Monday.

“The latest update today is that he’s doing really well and he’s done about all he can do at that end of it,” Carroll said. “So it’s great to hear. We’ll see what that means here in the next couple of days. He’s having the kind of success in the workouts not setting him back.”

Encouraging news came earlier in the week via Fox Sports, which had an exclusive interview with Tariq Azim, the trainer supervising Lynch’s rehab at Empower Gym in the Bay Area.

“Things are going really well,” Azim said Tuesday. “Obviously, his first day returning back to home base at Empower, it was a little different. He came here kind of showing me what he was able to do. It was very minimal movement, very minimal activity. I just spent the first day doing about two or three different sessions together really assessing the capacity.

“It really didn’t take long for me to see a lot of this had to do with getting comfortable with the discomfort of the operation, the discomfort of something that has never been done before to him. He’s never had an operation before.”

Lynch won’t play Sunday but things look better for the first playoff game Jan. 9-10.

“Right now, Marshawn is in a place where he could run around anybody if he wanted to,” Azim said. “Physically in the last two weeks, we’re doing two-a-days and three-a-days every day, and then you’ve got his physical therapy.

“So he’s literally here between eight and ten hours a day with me in some fashion. Right now, I can confidently tell you he can run around anybody.”

The key of course, is running through tacklers.

“In a couple of days from now, if he can just build on the confidence that he’s acquired in the last week here, he’ll be able to run through everybody confidently,” Azim said. “He’s got the confidence to run around people, but Beast Mode runs through people. That’s what we want to finalize. He’s not far from that at all.”

Regarding Sunday, DE Michael Bennett is listed as probable after getting an injection in his chronically sore big toe earlier in the week. SS Kam Chancellor seems recovered from a tailbone bruise.

“He made it through the week and looked good,” Carroll said. “He’s got a chance to play in the game.”


  • jafabian

    The O-Line was relatively ignored in the offseason and that decision has come back to haunt the team all season. Sometimes I wonder if they just assume that Tom Cable will work miracles with any player he’s given. In the upcoming offseason the O-Line should be a top priority.

    • art thiel

      The salary cap forces every successful team to neglect some positions. The Seahawks chose the OL, and it’s been obvious since July. Looked like the corner had been turned until Sunday.

      If you have a way to stop concussions and injuries, I will give you the NFL’s key emails, and you’ll be rich.

      • jafabian

        They’ve been doing this since the Super Bowl. They keep drafting offensive linemen but don’t have the success that they’ve had at other positions.

  • 1coolguy

    We’re screwed.

    • art thiel

      I bet you’ll wake up Monday with your team in the playoffs.

      • 1coolguy

        We will be yet as to this game, we’re screwed.

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        • 1coolguy

          MEA CULPA, MEA CULPA – 36-6. No one could have called this one. Hats off to Carroll for getting the tream ready – wow!
          We are set up well for the playoffs and Beast will make us even better, with Okung AND Chancellor.

  • ll9956

    Without Sweezy and Okung and with Kam less than 100% the Hawks are going to have their hands full to stay in this game. I’m finding it hard to be optimistic.

    • SeaRaays

      Kam may not play or Bennett. Worse could happen. We could not be playing next week. These guys are veterans and the rest will help them.

      • art thiel

        Carroll indicated Chancellor and Bennett are probably good to go.

        • SeaRaays

          Thanks Art. He tells the players every game is as important as the next…hmmm

    • art thiel

      No need to weep. Still in the playoffs.

      • Jeff Shope

        limping into the playoffs means NOTHING the point is to win the SB this team not looking in very good shape to do that

  • coug73

    Oh the humanity. Though in the playoffs the Hawks season may be extinguish Sunday.

  • MrPrimeMinister

    No team entering the playoffs on a 2 game losing streak can expect to go far in the playoffs.

  • Gerald Turner

    Still thinking that a CB ought to have been drafted 2nd round.

  • Joe Lee

    It would be funny if it were not so fraught, these ever-so-nuanced communiques between the team and the Lynch camp, Azim & Pete jockeying for position, each trying to assert, however modestly, that it is indeed he who has the hammer. I hear Pete talking directly to Marshawn, through the media, and I hear him saying, “Mr. Lynch, we expect you in to work on Monday, you’re on notice.”

    • Leah Kendrick

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  • Tman

    Tavaris Jackson will be sharp for the playoffs if he can get in 30 to 60 reps this sunday.

  • bugzapper

    The real question: Who will Patrick Lewis hike it to this week? And will that person still be inside the stadium?

    Listen, this whole O-line mess was a foregone when the Unger trade was made. Much as I like Jimmy Graham, he was NOT the priority need for this team. When he was healthy he was still nowhere near the impact player someone up top thought he’d be. Wilson already had plenty of receivers. What he doesn’t have is anyone protecting him long enough to get off a pass. Jeez, he doesn’t even have a center who can put the ball in his hands!

  • Jeff Shope

    His new line should be I’m only here for the playoffs because I haven’t done squat all friggin year still got paid though