BY SPNW Staff 06:30AM 02/18/2016

Seahawks face another major gauntlet in 2016

The Seahawks’ 2016 strength of schedule is tied for fifth toughest, based on oppoents’ 2015 records. A year ago, they played the fourth-toughest slate.

The Seahawks will go on the road next season to face QB Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay./ Jonathan Nesvig, Sportspress Northwest

The Seahawks have been assigned the fifth-toughest schedule in the NFL next season, highlighted by a CenturyLink Field rematch with the Super Bowl runner-up Carolina Panthers (15-1) and road games at New England (12-4) and Green Bay (10-6), both of which reached the divisional round of the playoffs last year.

Strength of schedule is based on the combined records of 2015 opponents. Seattle’s opponents went 139-117, tied for fifth with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

NFC West foe San Francisco and the Atlanta Falcons tied for the toughest 2016 schedules, their combined opponents both finishing 142-114 last year. They are followed by the Los Angeles Rams (141-115) and New Orleans Saints (140-116). The Packers have the softest schedule. Their 2015 foes finished 117-139.

Seattle plays home games against the 49ers, Cardinals, Rams, Falcons, Panthers, Eagles, Bills and Dolphins. The Seahawks have road games scheduled at San Francisco, Los Angeles, Arizona, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, New England and the New York Jets.

The NFL has not announced dates or kickoff times for its 2016 regular-season games.

The Seahawks play four teams that reached the 2015 postseason (Cardinals, Panthers, Packers and Patriots) and five teams that won 10 or more games (Jets went 10-6).

Last year, the Seahawks played the fourth-toughest schedule en route to a 10-6 record and eventual elimination by the Panthers.

Home opponents

Home Opponents ’15 Rec. Division Last Year
San Francisco 5-11-0 NFC West Lost to Seattle 29-13 at CenturyLink
Los Angeles 7-9-0 NFC West Beat Seattle 27-13 at CenturyLink
Arizona 13-3-0 NFC West Beat Seattle 39-32 at CenturyLink
Atlanta 8-8-0 NFC South Started 6-1, faded, missed playoffs
Carolina 15-1-0 NFC South Beat Seahawks twice, lost Super Bowl
Philadelphia 7-9-0 NFC East 2nd in division, missed postseason
Buffalo 8-8-0 NFC East 3rd in division, missed postseason
Miami 6-10-0 NFC East 4th in division, missed postseason

Road opponents

Road Opponents ’15 Rec. Division Skinny
San Francisco 5-11-0 NFC West Lost to Seattle 20-3 in Santa Clara
Los Angeles 7-9-0 NFC West Beat Seattle 34-31 in St. Louis
Arizona 13-3-0 NFC West Lost to Seattle 36-6 in Glendale, AZ.
New Orleans 7-9-0 NFC South 3rd in division, missed playoffs
Tampa Bay 6-10-0 NFC South 4th in division, missed postseason
Green Bay 10-6-0 NFC North Beat Seattle 27-17, lost division playoffs
New England 12-4-0 AFC East Won division, eliminated in AFC Championship


  • Kirkland

    That Patriots game has got to be on national TV. Brady-Sherman rubber match.

    Missing the Jets in the away grid.

  • jafabian

    Why the Pack at Lambeau two years in a row? That’s just crazy.

    • Kirkland

      Probably the league formula. Second place in the North hosts second place in the West in even years, the reverse in odd years.

  • TOnustack

    Buffalo and Miami are AFC East.

  • just passing thru

    Home record of 6-2 looks like an easy expectation, with 7 or 8 wins a good possibility.