BY Art Thiel 11:55AM 02/19/2016

Clink field gets new rug for Seahawks, Sounders

The Sounders finally get their wish for a new home-field surface after four years on a rug that they claimed was worn out, but the Seahawks thought was adequate.

A new rug has been installed at the Clink. / SoundersFC,com

A new rug is underfoot at the Clink this year, and will get its first test Tuesday, when the Sounders — who wanted it most — open the the season with a match against Mexico’s Team America in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League knockout round.

First & Goal, Inc., the sports division of Seahawks owner Paul Allen’s empire, announced Friday that the installation of a new version of FieldTurf, called Revolution 360, was completed.

It replaces a four-year-old surface that the Sounders believed was worn out. The Sounders, and all soccer clubs worldwide, don’t like artificial surfaces because it’s harder on players’ legs and the ball bounces higher and moves faster than on real grass. But they signed a Clink lease through 2028 and have no alternative for a field that hosts at least 10 Seahawks games and 17 Sounders games in a soggy climate.

“From our standpoint we still feel as though the turf for soccer is ready to be changed,” Sounders owner Adrian Hanauer told the News Tribune in October 2014, after FIFA gave it a two-star rating, up one from the previous ranking.”The FIFA rating is one more piece of data, one more piece of information that gets thrown into the conversation. But we will continue to communicate with the Seahawks. We’re hopeful that we can still come to a conclusion that’s good for soccer. But it’s still a work in progress.”

The Sounders felt the previous turf, installed in 2011, should have been installed a year earlier too.

A press release from the Seahawks says a new monofilament fiber, a result of “innovative science, engineering and technology,” is soft and strong. It resists splitting and degradation, thanks to a new ultraviolet inhibitor.

CenturyLink Field is one of five NFL stadiums to use FieldTurf, along with Atlanta’s Georgia Dome, Detroit’s Ford Field, Indianapolis’s Lucas Oil Stadium and New England’s Gillette Stadium. Two MLS stadiums use FieldTurf, Gillette and Portland’s Providence Park.

“We could not be more thrilled that the Seahawks and Sounders FC continue to put their faith in our product and in our company,” said FieldTurf President Eric Daliere. “We are very excited to introduce Revolution 360 to the market. We’ve been working on the ‘next generation’ since we launched Revolution in 2011. We believe that Revolution 360 is the first fiber since Revolution to push boundaries and change the game.”


  • Kirkland

    Easily the worst field in MLS last year. This one being just adequate will be a step up.

    • Pixdawg13

      One assumes you played on every MLS field last year, to make such a statement?

  • MrPrimeMinister

    If those little rubber pellet things turn out to cause cancer, then hopefully every team can go back to the real thing. The sooner the better.

  • Matt712

    LOL “New Revolution 360’s dynamic active synergy perfectly captures the next generation of athletic fibers at the core competition’s highest echelons, seamlessly merging technology and athleticism in ways heretofore impossible, changing the game, pushing the boundaries, taking the next step, going that extra mile, achieving greatness at the pinnacle of….”

  • jafabian

    IMO, the Sounders should roll out their own turf for their games. The Seahawks like the turf on the thin side, believing that a semi-worn turn makes for a faster game, giving their players opportunity to take advantage of their speed. I understand that but also see the Sounders point of view as well. Seems to be the solution would be for the Sounders to lay out their own turf when they have their matches.

    • Barbra Ferrara

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  • MacPhisto92

    I’m still waiting for the ‘Natural Grass’ they promised when we were voting to approve the stadium….

    • Pixdawg13

      You can buy that in a number of smoke shops…

  • ReebHerb

    The new turf forms a synergy with a filled stadium. Half full stadia often require grass.