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Huskies crews sweep Windermere Cup races

The Huskies had a big day Saturday at the 30th annual Windernere Cup, sweeping all classes. The men’s varsity eight won for the first time since 2013.

The Washington men’s varsity eight exults after its triumph Saturday. /

The University of Washington’s men’s and women’s varsity eights rowed to open-water victories Saturday at the 30th annual Windermere Cup races on the Montlake Cut. The men won for the first time since 2013 while the women notched their 10th consecutive victory in a competition that preceded the official opening of boating season.

The UW men, the defending Intercollegiate Rowing Association champions who lost to Great Britain two years ago and New Zealand last year, hit the finish line in 5:41.627, seven seconds ahead of Stanford (5:48.131) and 17 seconds ahead of the Russian National Team (5:58.385).

Behind the urging of sophomore cox Rielly Milne, the Huskies built a four-second advantage at the 1,500-meter mark and easily won the race. The UW men have won 22 of the 30 varsity eight races in Windermere competitions.

“The rowers are always so amped here with all of the fans and all of the energy,” said UW men’s coach Michael Callahan. “We’re glad that our rowers were able to come through.”

The UW women led wire-to-wire after opening up a three-second margin on the University of San Diego at 500 meters. Washington was timed in 6:25.902, nine seconds ahead of San Diego (6:34.266) and 19 seconds ahead of the University of Cambridge Boat Club (6:44.222).

“I thought this was a good step for us today,” said UW interim head coach Conor Bullis. “But we still need to go faster.”

UW boats won all collegiate races on the 22-race program, including the Erickson Cascade Cup for both men and women.

In the men’s Erickson Cascade Cup (second varsity eight), the Washington A boat won in 6:30.907 while the Washington B boat finished second in 6:41.931. San Diego finished third and Western Washington fourth.

In the women’s Erickson Cascade Cup, the Washington A and B boats finished first and second with San Diego and Western Washington trailing.

30th Windermere Cup results

Men’s Varsity 8

1. Washington, 5:41.627; 2. Stanford, 5:48.131; 3. Russia, 5:58.385

Women’s Varsity 8

1. Washington, 6:25.502; 2. University of San Diego, 6:34.266; 3. Cambridge, 6:44.222.

Men’s Erickson Cascade Cup

1. Washington, 5:53.428; 2. Stanford; 6:02.221; 3. Oregon State, 6:11.484.

Women’s Erickson Cascade Cup

1. Washington A, 6:30.907; 2. Washington B; 6:41.931; 3. University of San Diego, 6:50.258; 4. Western Washington, 7:17.718.

Men’s Freshman 8

1. Washington A,  5:51.252; 2. Washington B, 5:58.838; 3.Oregon State, 6:14.599; 4. Stanford; 6:31.798.

Women’s Third Varsity 8+

1. Washington, 6:50.875; 2. Portland, 7:05.059; 3. Seattle U, 7:14.673; 4. Western Washington, 7:35.119.

Men’s College Open 8+

1. Washington, 6:00.034; 2. Notre Dame, 6:26.182; 3. Oregon State, 6:26.754; 4. Puget Sound, 6:27.646.

Women’s College Open 8+

1. Washington A, 6:55.077; 2. Pacific Lutheran, 7:06.571; 3. Washington B, 7:19.062; 4. Seattle  U, 7:52.194.

Women’s Varsity 4

1. Washington, 7:20.502; 2. San Diego, 7:36.197; 3. University of Victoria, 7:42.553; 4. Portland, 8:21.097.

Men’s Open 4

1. Washington A, 6:38.041; 2. Washington B, 6:43.581; 3. Washington C, 6:55.51; 4 Seattle U, 7:17.567.



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