BY Art Thiel 06:30AM 06/15/2016

Thiel: Seahawks Bennett, Chancellor: All quiet

The two Seahawks most outwardly dismayed at their contracts, Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett, both said all the right things at mini-camp about putting the team first. For now.

What it’s like at mini-camp in June: Much padless running to and fro. / Art Thiel, Sportspress Northwest

RENTON — Breaking news from Seahawks mini-camp: There is no breaking news from Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett.

Relative to the past season, when they grumbled and groused through spring and summer about their contracts, the anchors of the defense betrayed no willingness on the first day to further roil the waters of the system.

“I’m in a great place,” said Chancellor of his relationship with the organization. “Same place I was last year and years before that. I’m in a great place.”

Whatever that means. Everyone thought Chancellor was in a good place in July, but he surprised all with a holdout, disrupting Seahawks plans and contributing to the team’s slow start.

He and Bennett outperformed their contracts and wanted the Seahawks to re-do their deals, but ran into club policy that was concrete-firm in refusing such a precedent.

Just as unhappy, Bennett decided he couldn’t hold out, he said last season, because “my wife told me get my butt in there.”

Tuesday, Bennett, almost shyly for him, explained that he just wanted “to be a great teammate — show up, show my support, do everything I need to do” to help the Seahawks get the Super Bowl in Houston, his hometown.

But after some prodding about the state of his contract, he allowed as to how he was trying to ignore the situation by paying attention to more worldly matters, such as presidential politics.

“You pay attention to too many contracts (0f other NFL defensive ends getting more money), it hurts your stomach,” he said. “It’s like seeing your favorite girlfriend getting married to somebody else.”

Well, that’s more like it: A Bennett love analogy to explain pain.

If both guys were honest, they would say they feel had. But since Bennett this season will make $7 million and Chancellor $6.1 million, any public dismay about their circumstances is likely to be less than warmly embraced.

There was actually news regarding Bennett: An ankle injured during a workout is likely to keep him out of this three-day padless exercise. But it wasn’t serious enough to even fake a limp as he emerged from the locker room halfway through practice.

He didn’t seem broken up about the pending absence.

Looking at reporters, he said, “I’ll be your standup comedian the rest of the week.

“People pay a lot to see comedians of my stature.”

They pay even more to see him knock down quarterbacks. But for the coming season, the pay is better elsewhere.

But then, the decent chance for a free trip back home to Houston has to be worth something.

No deal for Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson had an “impressive” workout with the Seahawks Monday, according to his agent. But as expected, it was not enough to bump a player from the 90-man roster to make room for him to fulfill his NFL fantasy as a cornerback.

“He is a great kid. I have known him for a long time, way back when, always loved the kid,” coach Pete Carroll said after practice. “I am excited to give him a chance and see where this all fits together for him and we’ll find out down the road.”

Really? Carroll then suggested the tryout was more of a courtesy gesture.

“I think it is all but impossible,” he said. “It is as hard as you can possibly get. He is 32 as well, I don’t know if anyone could do it. But if anyone could, it might be Nate. He is a versatile athlete and a great competitor.”

Agent Aaron Goodwin told TMZ Sports that Robinson “may go back later. He’s going to focus on being ready for that opportunity, should it occur again, or an NBA opportunity.”

Robinson was a two-way, All-State football player for Seattle’s Rainier Beach High School. He went to the University of Washington on a football scholarship, but has not played since 2002, his freshman year at Montlake, where he started six games at cornerback.

After switching to basketball, he was a first-round NBA draft choice and spent 11 seasons in pro hoops with eight teams.

“He wants to play basketball,” Goodwin was quoted as saying, “but will play football if the opportunity presents itself.

“He’s a world class athlete and just wants the opportunity to continue to play.”



  • Kevin Lynch

    If they don’t improve the contracts of Bennett, Chancellor and Baldwin in some fashion they will have to match or exceed the highest offer in free agency. That goes without saying. Of course, if they do improve the contracts they may well be in the same place once the players become free agents. No home town discount. It’s a difficult conundrum. You don’t want the player slanted against the team when free agency arrives though. That almost assures they will be gone. The team made it work with Marshawn, bonuses to guarantees, whatever. They may have to do something creative here.

  • Matt712

    Bennett’s a bright guy so maybe he understands that signing a contract is a gamble for both parties. If anyone thinks Scneider is laughing all the way to the bank, they’re mistaken. No one knows what the market will bear for a position in the future. All they can do is offer/accept a package at present market value that hopefully keeps a good player on the team while offering both the team and the player a few years of stability. Neither the team nor the player has any control over the stability of the marketplace.

    Management’s wish is that the market would inflate at the same rate as the contract – same with the player. It’s a big headache for everyone when it doesn’t: Player feels undervalued; management has to deal with rising costs against the cap for eventual replacement. So it really isn’t player vs management; it’s Seahawks vs the future.

    Chancellor and Bennett both signed good contracts at the time. If they wanted to hedge against inflation, they could’ve singed shorter ones. So until team policy allows for a new deal…
    A guy goes to the doctor and says, “Hey doc, it hurts when I look at other guys’ contracts. What should I do?” The doctor says, “Don’t look at other guys’ contracts.”

  • Paul Harmening

    Mind blowing news, and so refreshing. Players in the single digit millions worthy of so much more, but not complaining. How we all can feel their pain. Good news though, really!

    Dog days of summer coming in, huh Art?

    Oh yeah, M’s are now what, down 13 out of last 19 or something like that? Sounds like the same ole same ole there as well, BUT…they are still in 2nd place and still above 500. Now isn’t that really,,, Good news?

    What’s remaining for the summer. Golf? Tiger’s not playing in the Open again or anywhere ever again and Spieth doesn’t do autographs for kids. Right. We don’t do golf. NASCAR? Nope. NBA finals…Who dey? What dat? Got it. Hydroplane races on Lake Washington. See ya all there.