BY Art Thiel 06:13PM 06/28/2016

Seahawks’ Baldwin gets 4-year extension: $46M

WR Doug Baldwin hits a big payday with a four-year contract extension from the Seahawks that includes $24.5 million in guaranteed money. Total value puts him seventh among NFL receivers.

Doug Baldwin (89)  is at the center of the party after his contract extension. / Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

He’s Angry Doug no more.

WR Doug Baldwin, long a believer in using perceived disrespect as a weapon, was respected so much by the Seahawks that they gave him a four-year, $46 million extension that will secure him through 2020, according to an report Tuesday.

The story said $24.5 million is guaranteed — not bad for an undrafted free agent. Baldwin was heading into the final year of a three-year deal worth $13 million.

Both sides expressed optimism throughout that an extension would be reached before training camp. The value of the deal was a bit surprising, however. But the contracts this off-season given to Keenan Allen ($45 million) by San Diego and Allen Hurns ($40 million) by Jacksonville jacked up the wide receiver market.

According to, Baldwin’s deal puts him seventh among wide receivers in total value.

Baldwin had a sensational second half in the past season that was obviously well-timed. He had NFL’s top passer rating when targeted (139.9). Of his NFL-high 14 receptions for TDs, 11 came in the final six regular-season games — equaling the number he had in his previous 43 contests as a Seahawk.

Nearly as much as his growth as a player, Baldwin grew up as a team leader. He began to check his petulance at the door.

“Before I became a leader, I thought success was all about building myself up,” he told reporters June 9 after practice. “Once I became a leader, I realized that success is about building others up. That’s where I’m at right now. I’m focused on helping the other guys as much as I can, giving them the tools they need to be successful, just like Sidney Rice did for me when I first came in.

“That’s the mentality we have as veterans now . . . there’s a lot of new guys, so we want to be able to pass on that experience and wisdom we have growing up in this program.”

The retirement of RB Marshawn Lynch and the continued growth of QB Russell Wilson means more emphasis will be put on the passing game. In addition to becoming a primary weapon, Baldwin was also recognized by his peers in the NFL Network’s annual top 100 players poll, finishing 72nd in the voting. And he also became engaged.

“A lot of changes, so I don’t even know how to quantify it,” he said. “I would just say it’s just the process a young man goes through. I’m growing up. I’m 27 years old now, about to be 28.

“A lot of great things happened in the past. But I’m looking forward to a lot of great things in the future.”

The one-time “pedestrian” receiver has gone elite.


  • 1coolguy

    Wow – Congrats Doug!
    I am really surprised, with all the rising receiver talent the Hawks have, they parted with this cash, especially after letting Tate go who was a #1 of similar talent.
    The new going rate is $11M, so Doug got market, yet the Hawks spending this on a receiver? Sounds like a lot of salary cap plans just got pinched.
    Also, I bet he would have signed for $7 or less a few months ago, before the Hurns money was even rumored. With the salaries rising, it looks like signing players early is the ticket.
    Brady has shown how valuable a top QB is, as he hasn’t had a #1 since what, Moss in 2007, not counting their slots or tight ends. So he adapts to the receiving corps he gets, making a high paid #1 less critical. Is RW there yet?

    • John M

      Glad Doug got the money, but as you say it does cause some wonder about cap space. The Hawks have done some serious spending in the last year, maybe they anticipate a jump in cap . . .

      • Andreadkelly4


      • art thiel

        The cap for this year is fixed, but likely will rise again. Baldwin plays under his old deal this season, $4M.

        Great source for cap matters:

        • John M

          Thanks, Art, I checked it out. Contracts have become more complex than I want to comprehend . . .

    • art thiel

      The Seahawks knew to plan for Baldwin at $10M-plus. which again helps explain why they stayed modest on the OL hires. The cap will be tight, but manageable as long as Cable can coach the line mash into mid-level functionality.

      • 1coolguy

        If the receiver corps elevates this season (Williams, Smith, Kearse, Graham, etc) they can trade him for a high draft choice next year and save $8-$10.

  • jafabian

    Glad to hear that Doug is being recognized as a premier player for the Hawks and that his contract got taken care of so quickly. When all is said and done he’ll be right there with Largent and Blades among all time Hawks WR’s. Looking forward to when Angry Doug is inducted into the Ring of Honor.