BY Art Thiel 07:02PM 09/15/2016

Thiel: Little sleep, little pain for Wilson

Russell Wilson seems to be recovering rapidly from a sprained ankle. He thinks he’ll be a full go Sunday for the Rams in Los Angeles. of a bit sleep-deprived.

Despite three sacks Sunday, Russell Wilson thinks his O-line is fine. Of course. / Drew McKenzie, Sportspress Northwest

In explaining his recovery from a sprained ankle, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is in new territory. After somehow never being seriously injured through four years in the NFL, he offered some observations that seemed to depart a bit from his standard script. Wilson said he:

  • Is sleeping only a couple of hours a night;
  • Has never had a sprained ankle and
  • Used the word limpid properly in a sentence, which may have been an NFL first.

The most important thing, from the standpoint of fans who are also getting two hours of sleep worrying about Wilson’s health ahead of Sunday’s game in Los Angeles against the Rams, is what doctors and trainers are saying.

“They’re kind of shocked that it’s doing this well,” Wilson said. “Really not much swelling at all because I got on it right away.

“I’ll be ready to roll, so I’m excited about it.”

Knowing Wilson, he would say that if leg was severed and next to him in a tray (think of the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail).

Wilson said he called upon his personal trainer in Los Angeles to work with him at night after Seahawks trainers work during the day. Wilson uses lots of ice and, of course, prayer. The treatments, physical and spiritual, allowed him full participation in practice Wednesday and Thursday.

“I don’t think I’ve slept more than probably six hours all week,” he said. “I’ve probably slept two hours every night so far. I mean, it’s part of it. I don’t sleep anyways. It’s kind of a problem, I guess — maybe to some of you guys.”

Wilson’s  “no time to sleep” theme has been part of his regimen since he arrived in Seattle, to the point he can use it against sportswriters. However sleep deprivation is seen by others, it works for his rapid healing.

“Usually when you have something wrong with your ankles they swell up pretty big,” he said. “The great part is that it hasn’t swollen up anymore at all. It looks just like the other leg.”

At least, that’s what he’s heard. Somehow throughout his many sports endeavors, he never has sprained an ankle, which seems like an obligatory sports injury for most mortals.

“Never done anything to my ankles before, I don’t think,” he said. “It’s a new experience, but nothing that you can’t handle.”

Wilson is being as methodical and relentless in rehab as he is in game-planning. Which is how he came to use limpid, which means clear, transparent, free from obscurity.

“I think just being perfectly clear is being limpid,” he said. “That’s a word of the day for you guys. Just trying to be really understanding what I’m trying to do, what I’m trying to accomplish each day.”

Also clear to many is that the football matchup between the Rams’ defensive line and the Seahawks’ offensive line is viewed with great apprehension by anyone with a 206 area code. Naturally, Wilson doesn’t see it.

“I’m looking forward to our offensive line going against their defensive line,” he said. “It’s going to be a great match-up. Our offensive line has been doing a really good job so far. They’re really strong and stout.

“That’s where most games are won, up front. You got to do a great job upfront. We’ll see what happens.”

Eyebrows will arch across the mossy inlets with that remark. Then again, this is a guy who can get stomped on by Ndamukong Suh, and pop up smiling. If it’s limpid to him, who’s to argue?


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  • Its onlySports(DavidWakefield)

    I will tell you what is clear, transparent, free from obscurity in relation to likelihood scenarios. The odds of lesser talent beating what could likely be the NFC West champs yet again to make it 3x in a row.
    Since Seattle was a top 5 scoring defense last season this game would be a perfect contest to display those wares And help Wilsons state… limpid or not….
    The Last Canadian to throw a TD pass in the NFL is John Ryan if you need obscurity. Maybe this will be part of the secret to stopping the Ram swoon in LA Style…using a trick play or two to beat the Rams at their own game.

    • art thiel

      Well, that about covers it.

      • Its onlySports(DavidWakefield)

        Pete is not adverse to using a creative play or two… would be fun to see them exploit something they see on Film about the Battering ram tendencies. We can be sure he will be comfortable in his old haunts and ready to back up his claims that he sees a 2016 squad that looks to be as talented as his 2013 bunch by attempting to pulverize LA. Let us hope that indeed happens in grand style.

  • Bruce McDermott

    It’s just a scratch!

    • art thiel

      Let that be a lesson: Bow to any Arthur.

  • Matt712

    Russ: “Limpid…”
    Press: “Can you use it I a sentence, please.”
    Russ: “Suh stepped on my ankle, but I hardly limpid all.”

    • art thiel

      Plus 1.

    • Juanitatscheffel3

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  • Gerald Turner

    No worries Art, the Rams are about to lay down on their coach. Get out get him out of here!

  • Gerald Turner

    Russell Wilson’s super power is injury invincibility. Adomikin Sue’s superpower is quarterback demolition. On that sunny day in Seattle it truly was Clash of the Titans