BY Art Thiel 07:21PM 09/22/2016

Mariners rebuke Clevenger’s racist tweets

Steve Clevenger emerged from the Mariners’ disabled list as well as from under a rock Thursday to tweet his contempt for a serious public issue in a way that brands him a racist and makes him a candidate for a rapid departure from the club.

The backup catcher, who had just 76 plate appearances before going on the disabled list in late June with a broken bone in his hand, published tweets that attacked the people and circumstances surrounding the shooting death this week of an African American, Keith Lamont Scott, by police in Charlotte, N.C.

The episode provoked a national uproar as well as the death of another person the next night during a protest demonstration in Charlotte.

Clevenger’s tweets were distributed via another Twitter account that used screen capture after Clevenger’s account was closed:


After the tweets were widely distributed, the Mariners issued a statement Thursday afternoon condemning Clevenger’s tweets:

“The Seattle Mariners are very disappointed at the tweets posted on Steve Clevenger’s account. While he is certainly free to express himself, his tweets do not in any way represent the opinions of the Seattle Mariners. We strongly disagree with the language and tone of his comments.

“We are currently examining all internal options that are available to us as we determine appropriate next steps. We will have no further comment at this time.”

Clevenger was acquired in a trade in the off-season with Baltimore for Mark Trumbo, who leads MLB in home runs. The deal was done by general manager Jerry Dipoto mostly as a salary dump, but now has turned into a dumpster fire for the Mariners.

The website Lookout Landing reported that the Mariners held a public Social Media Night Friday, during which Dipoto said the team has a preseason workshop on what is expected for players who choose to use social media, with the reminder that they are a reflection of the Seattle Mariners organization.

Late Thursday night, Clevenger issued an apology that appeared on the Facebook page of Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal.




  • wabubba67

    Someone in the minors is happy that a spot on the 40 man roster just opened up. Bye, bye Steve. We will miss your below average defense, and punchless bat. Maybe a new career as a bodyguard for Trump during his rallies looms in your future?

    • disqus_aEA4p3zFXu

      Brilliant. Love it.

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  • Sam Base

    Several hours ago I was waiting for the Jerry Dipoto interview on KIRO 710, but that never materialized. This must be why.

  • Junior

    Miss, what some people call “racist,” others, probably half the
    population, give or take, will be calling the truth. Sorry it offends
    some people’s precious sensibility gospel. Racist. LOL Right. Now go crawl back under the rock and learn what you are supposed to say in response to my posting. Folks like yourself gave up thinking for themselves decades ago.

    • bugzapper

      Says Junior, making sweeping generalizations from deep inside his bedroom late at night so his parents won’t catch him.

  • notaboomer

    Trading away trumbo was a mistake, obviously. But getting this guy in return? Epic fail.

  • Ken Tidwejj

    While I find Clevenger’s remarks repugnant, I find Colin Kaepernick and his ilk’s disrespect of our flag even more so.

    • bugzapper

      Hey, in the 60s people burned it in protest, but somehow it survived. Maybe you’d prefer that old school version of protest instead.

    • Comrade Suge

      Not standing for anthem is apparently worse than making racist comments?

      • Ken Tidwejj

        BLM supports those who advocate violence against the police. The police aren’t perfect but they’re all we’ve got between us and anarchy.

        • Matt Kite

          I’d like to think it’s possible to take a moderate stance on both groups. BLM has helped generate an important conversation, but some of its supporters cross a line. Those individuals should be held accountable if they break the law. Likewise, the police provide an invaluable service, but we can value their service *and* hold them to a high standard at the same time. We don’t have to choose sides or turn it into another either/or argument.

        • Comrade Suge

          What does BLM have to do with anything? I’m talking about how someone thinks making racist comments is worse than not standing for an anthem.

    • Matt Kite

      I understand people’s reverence for the flag (and other national symbols), but I’ve never shared it. I’m more concerned about people and relationships. What’s happening on the ground? Racial profiling and the abuse of the justice system — something Kaepernick and others are protesting — offends me far more than anything someone does during a political protest (so long as that protest remains peaceful…).

  • 1coolguy

    43 HR and 102 RBI’s – Holy crap! Is this Dipoto’s Heathcliff Slocumb moment?
    How could he have swung and missed on this guy???

  • rosetta_stoned

    Apparently, racism is a one-way street.

    • Comrade Suge

      Yes and Clevenger is soon to get a one-way ticket out of town.