BY SPNW Staff 11:48PM 09/23/2016

Kevin Costner’s farewell salute to Vin Scully

The end of a majestic career is nigh. Vin Scully will wrap up his baseball broadcasting career next week, and Kevin Costner delivered a speech worthy of the man and the moment.

Vin Scully was saluted Friday night at Dodger Stadium as his career comes down to the final six games. /

The Dodgers had a farewell party for Vin Scully Friday night at Dodger Stadium as he broadcasts the final games of his transcendent career. Since no one in the history of sports has done so long a job done so well, there were tears enough to saturate the Southern California desert.

Never has there been a figure so beloved by so many in any sport. He is that rare being about whom an unkind word has never been uttered.

Some of the best words of the evening were delivered by actor Kevin Costner, who has starred in three baseball movies and knows Scully as friend and fan.

Watch and listen to the video above. Have a small towel on stand-by.




  • Jamo57

    I remember thinking when I was in my 30s that Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul Jabbar had been playing basketball what seemed like my entire life, and how strange it was going to be after he retired. I’m 59 now and those same thoughts bring even greater wonder about my life and what it will be after Vin is gone. I’ve subscribed to MLB.TV the past two years to listen to Vin and soak it all in.

    Words cannot express what this man means to Americana. There will never be another like him.

  • Al Wasser

    During the video tribute to Vin, they flashed an old picture of Chick Hearn, Dick Enberg, Vin, Jim Murray and Keith Jackson … all based in LA at the time of the photo. Quite a collection of media legends.

    • Kevin Lynch

      Chick and Jim were as great at their work as Vinny was at his. It was an extraordinary time to grow up in L.A. as far as sports writing and broadcasting were concerned. Even the baseball cards were fun in the 60’s (except the ’62 Topps issue).