BY Art Thiel 07:05PM 10/10/2016

Seahawks’ Bennett ‘irate’ at Trump video remarks

As the married father of three daughters, DE Michael Bennett took offense to presidential candidate Donald Trump’s video comments about women that were considered sexual assault.

Michael Bennett wasn’t pleased with Donald Trump’s insults to women. / Drew McKenzie, Sportspress Northwest

RENTON — Never at a loss for an opinion, Seahawks DE Michael Bennett was not pleased with what he heard from Donald Trump on the NBC video released Friday that included remarks that were widely considered sexual assault against women, for which the Republican candidate for the presidency later apologized.

“As a parent (of three daughters), I was irate,” Bennett said after the team practiced for the first time Monday following a bye week. “I don’t even know if that’s locker-room talk. That was kind of crazy to be talking about a woman like that.  Women are so important . . . without a woman, we wouldn’t be here. Can’t disrespect a woman at all, with all the things going on.”

Bennett didn’t agree with Trump’s initial characterization of his crude remarks as merely locker room talk:

“I don’t think anyone goes out of his way to disrespect a woman in that type of  way; because of the situation where, because you’re a superstar, you can get away with it. That’s not true. You’ve got to treat people right and treat women with respect.”

Bennett was on a plane Sunday and did not see the presidential debate, but heard about it among his teammates.

“I think the debate is a conversation around the whole world,” he said, “because everybody wants to know what’s going on. Lots of racism and things going on.”

Asked whether progress was being made in the campaign to increase awareness of police treatment of African Americans, he said, “I think athletes are doing a great job of doing what they can do to try to make a change. Showing people what we’re doing and trying to get a response, to be a part of it.

“Everybody is paying attention to the debates, and everybody on the team is talking about it, and we all want to do our part.”

Regarding football, Bennett found something to be pleased with: a fine of $24,309 levied by the NFL against OL Brian Winters, who head-butted Bennett after a play in the second quarter of the Seahawks’ 27-17 win over the Jets.

Winters came up alongside and lunged his helmeted head at Bennett, who seemed to take a glancing blow. But it was enough for Winters to give himself a concussion that forced him from the game and drew a 15-yard penalty that stalled the Jets’ drive.

“That’s how you know I’m made of iron,” Bennett said, grinning. “He tried to hit me and he got a concussion. My wife likes that.”

Tuesday Bennett will take part in a ceremony at Safeco Field that honors 150 service men and women from Marine Security Forces Battalion at the Bangor nuclear submarine base on Hood Canal.

The Seahawks have “adopted” the unit, and will supply a 12 flag as the unit has a change of command.

“My Dad was in the Navy for 10 years; I love working with troops,” Bennett said. “They do so much for us for the freedoms we get.”




  • Diamond Mask

    Michael Bennett is a gift that just keeps giving.

  • 1coolguy

    One question for Bennett: What is his opinion on Clinton’s 30+ year history of womanizing, raping and taking advantage of women? Did he see the women who attended the debate that Clinton did these things to, and who Hillary excoriated and demolished? Trump’s words were terrible, but Bill’s ACTIONS are 1,000 worse.

    • Diamond Mask

      It’s cool to know who’s running for President. It’s not Bill Clinton.

      Her name is Madame President.

      • 1coolguy

        It’s actually “Bill’s Enabler” and she is as disgusting as he is. What spouse stays in a marriage after being cheated on many, many times. It was a carousel. Wake up! Hillary is nothing other than a low-esteem, very poor, role model.

        • wabubba67

          I’m not sure, but let me know all the details of your marriage so that I can pass judgment on your wife for sticking with you.

          By the way, Trump was talking about things that he had done and continues to do on that bus. It was more than words. It was an admission by a serial sexual predator who exploits his fame to take what he wants from women.

          • 1coolguy

            28 years of bliss with a person I was lucky to find, 2 great college graduate daughters happily married, both of whom are very self-confident and would not put up with any shenanigans from their spouse. BTW they are both great guys.
            I you dug even a bit deeper, don’t you realize IF Trump had abused anyone Clinton’s dirty tricks machine would have released their names by now? You know they would have, so until the person(s) come forward, I conclude there are none.
            On the other hand, are you denying Hillary excoriated the many women Bill abused? Let us know.

          • wabubba67

            Nancy O’Dell was the married woman that Trump assaulted.

          • Effzee

            I do not want to assume anything, so, where did you fall on the Birth Certificate thing? Did you wait for proof, or did you just kind of have a feeling you decided to go with? How about Bill Cosby? Did you wait for names before forming an opinion? How about 9/11? You’ve heard of Building 7? What’s your opinion on physics? I hope you’re consistent in your desire to demand evidence before making conclusions….

        • Effzee

          So, don’t vote for Hillary because she didn’t divorce a chauvinist sexual predator pig, and instead vote for an *actual* chauvinist sexual predator pig who , who is also a multiple-divorcee. That makes a whole lot of sense.

          • 1coolguy

            Wow, it is amazing to me how zealots can rationalize indefensible positions. Enjoy your reality.

          • Effzee

            Zealot? Lol. Haven’t you learned the thing about assuming? I don’t vote for terrible human beings, so I won’t vote for either of them. So, I’m not rationalizing anything. I am curious how you rationalize supporting the exact behavior that you call “disgusting,” however. It’s actually an urgent and serious question. Trump was at the Clinton’s wedding. He is a product of the world they have spent 30 years creating. I don’t understand how people will literally vote for the *exact same guy* that they hate!

        • Diamond Mask

          Don’t worry. I don’t think a female Presidency is emasculating.

    • Trevaavasquez1

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    • art thiel

      So you advocate repeating the “mistake”?

      • rosetta_stoned

        Yeah. Because that’s exactly what he said.

        No. I suspect he’s pointing out the blinding hypocrisy by those on the left.

        • Effzee

          So let me get this right. Don’t vote for Hillary because her husband is a chauvinistic sexual predator pig, but do vote for an *actual* chauvinistic sexual predator pig. Is that the stance of the Hillary-hater?

        • John M

          Actually, Hillary was devastated more than once by Bill’s actions. Why she didn’t divorce him is their business. They did start out as best friends, those feelings run deep. People hear what they want to hear, such as they don’t want to hear that Powell and Rice also used personal servers, maybe because it was the only way they could get timely info out-ever tried to use a government site when you’re in a hurry?
          Hillary has done good work and has vast experience for the job. Trump is and always was a pig.

          • Ken Tidwejj

            One of her better works was Benghazi but and I quote:, “What difference does it make?”

          • John M

            Ah, but you edit like, well, you know; what Clinton actually said in answer to another inane Repub senator’s question was, “What difference does it make now?”
            The Repubs investigated Benghazi 9 times and the emails 5 times – all on your dime – and they couldn’t come up with one legit charge . . .

          • Ken Tidwejj

            Hillary should ask the widows of the four that died in the terrorist attack if it makes any difference, especially when we could have had troops to support our diplomats. Our state department denied their plea for help, Why is Bennett more upset with Trumps words

            than Hillary’s decisions?

          • art thiel

            Trump has many actions that are reprehensible as well, but none were political. Most of the witnesses were under NDAs, or paid for their silence, or too intimidated by the legal fight.

          • John M

            You’re right, Ken, it was a tragic thing that happened. But I responded to your remark because it was taken out of context during another witch hunt by bloated politicians who cared only for blaming Clinton. There should have been more support there. There should have been more support for every embassy within rocket range of the madness going on in the middle east. And we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq because of faulty info. And we shouldn’t be still bouncing the rubble there. But when you’re up to your cheeks in an alligator pond errors are often made . . .

          • wabubba67

            The families of the deceased have said that they do not blame Clinton and have asked that the GOP not bring up Benghazi as a political talking point to falsely bash Hillary.
            If it’s good enough for the families, why isn’t it good enough for you to respect the families’ wishes?

  • tor5

    There are so many players on this team that are just good people. Not all perfect, of course, but mostly they want to do the right thing, they talk with each other about doing the right thing. I’m sure there are a lot of other good men in the NFL, but this team really does seem special, doesn’t it?

    • art thiel

      You’re right. A largely bright, public-minded crew. Occasional shortcomings, but most understand they have a sweet deal here.

    • Conniejmasterson4

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