BY Steve Rudman 06:30AM 11/15/2016

Rare feats in New England by Wilson, Baldwin

The Seahawks stopped New England inside the two five times in the final 40 seconds, but positioned themselves to win with rare feats from Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin.

Russell Wilson produced a spectacular performance at New England. / Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

During his press gaggle Sunday night following New England’s 31-24 loss to the Seahawks at Gillette Stadium, coach Bill Belichick spent nearly two minutes rhapsodizing about Russell Wilson, who carved up his Patriots with a regular-season career-high 348 yards and three touchdowns without an interception – in a game Belichick’s club, nearly unbeatable at home over the past decade, had been favored to win by seven points.

“He’s just a tremendous competitor,” said Belichick, who has four Super Bowl rings and might be the best coach to patrol a sideline. “I have all the respect in the world for Russell Wilson both on an off the field. He’s a tremendous player and a tremendous person, a great football player. When you watch him play, he just makes good decision after good decision after good decision after good decision, and that’s what you want a quarterback to do.

“Russell will do whatever he needs to do to win — throw long, throw short, scramble, not scramble, take a hit, whatever he needs to do. He’s done that throughout his whole career and he does it every week. And that’s what’s so impressive. He does it every week.”

Since there have been so many, it’s difficult to determine what, exactly, was Wilson’s best week. He’s produced a passer rating above 100 36 times in 83 career games (regular season and playoffs), so any of those contests are candidates.

He’s thrown three or more TDs without an interception a dozen times, including five TDs and no picks Nov. 29, 2015 against Pittsburgh. So there’s that. Wilson also had a 300-yard passing/100-yard rushing performance against the Rams two years ago. Since 1970, the only other quarterback to do that was Cam Newton (2015). And on and on.

If Wilson’s show against the Patriots doesn’t qualify as his best, it was close considering the rarity of his accomplishment and the long odds of achieving it.

Wilson still lacked some of old mobility when he took the field Sunday night. It had been a short practice week, and he was playing against the acknowledged best team in the NFL, coming off the benefit of a bye. He was also going against a quarterback in Tom Brady with a home record of 98-16 spread over 17 seasons, to say nothing of the fact that Brady is the only quarterback in history to have won 100 more games than he lost (176-51).

Confronted with that, Wilson became the first quarterback since Peyton Manning in 2005 to throw for more than 300 yards and deliver at least three touchdowns against the Patriots in Foxborough – and win. He also became only the third since the Boston Patriots entered the American Football League in 1960 with a 300+-yard, 3-TD game in Foxborough – and win.

Then there’s this: In the past 56 years, 18 quarterbacks — none of them named Montana, Marino, Favre or Elway — threw for at least 340 yards against the Patriots in Foxborough. Of the 18, only seven also threw for three or more TDs. This is the list:

Year Date QB Team Yds TD/INT W/L Rating
2000 Dec. 4 Elvis Grbac KC 350 3/1 L 91.8
2001 Nov. 18 Kurt Warner StL 401 3/2 W 105.4
2007 Nov. 25 A.J. Feeley Phil 345 3/3 L 83.9
2010 Nov. 21 Peyton Manning IND 396 4/3 L 96.3
2013 Nov. 3 B. Roethlisberger Pitt 400 4/2 L 95.8
2013 Dec. 8 Jason Campbell Clev 391 3/0 L 116.8
2016 Nov. 13 Russell Wilson Sea 348 3/0 W 124.6

Three takeaways from the list: Only Wilson and Kurt Warner  (2001) delivered a win, only Wilson and Jason Campbell did not throw an interception in the process, and Wilson produced the highest passer rating (124.6) of the bunch. Such was the rarity of Wilson’s feat Sunday night.

Wilson still has not lost a game by more than 10 points in 83 career starts (regular season and playoffs). In every one of those games, Wilson and the Seahawks either had a lead, or were within one score of the lead, in the fourth quarter. A team cannot be more competitive than that.

Certainly Seattle’s defense has had much to do with that, but consider: In Brady’s first 83 games, the Patriots lost 15 times by 10 or more points.

Wilson had five completions Sunday when he threw the ball at least 15 yards downfield, and wound up connecting with Doug Baldwin for three touchdowns, snapping Baldwin’s streak at five games without one.

Baldwin’s three TD catches tied a single-game record for the most against the Patriots on their home field. Since 1960, only three other receivers did what Baldwin did. The list, chronologically:

Year Date Player Team TDs  Yards (Quarterback)
1966 Sept. 25 Chris Buford KC 3 31, 25, 15 (Len Dawson)
1999 Sept. 19 Marvin Harrison IND 3 42, 10, 8 (Peyton Manning)
2013 Nov. 3 Jerricho Cotchery Pitt 3 20, 8. 6 (B. Roethlisberger)
2016 Nov. 13 Doug Baldwin Sea 3 6, 18, 15 (Russell Wilson)

Since Week 11 of 2015, Wilson has targeted Baldwin 124 times. He’s connected with Baldwin 92 times, collaborating for 1,224 yards and 16 touchdowns. Thus, Wilson has a passer rating of 144.6 (158.3 is perfect) when he singles out Baldwin.

Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that, especially when you consider, over the same span, Brady and TE Rob Gronkowski have the NFL’s second-best, quarterback-receiver rating, 127.1.


  • Kevin Lynch

    Correction. But before I mention that, yes, Russell was rediculously good, as was Doug. And the offensive line held up pretty well. The correction is that Brady is not the only QB with 100 wins over losses. Peyton finished with 108 according to Football Database. The top 3 ‘wins against losses’ are also the top 3 in total wins, regular season and post season combined. Here is the curious list:

    1. Manning – 200 wins (+108 and, I believe, just +1 post season)
    2. Favre – 199 wins (+76)
    3. Brady -198 wins (+137 and had he scored at the end Sunday it would be 199 wins)

    Rothlisberger is in second place among current QB’s and, I believe, 4th all time with +62 (wins over losses) so you can see how far out in front of everyone else Brady and Manning were. It’s possible no QB will again get to +100 in our lifetimes. Maybe Wilson?

    • Pixdawg13

      Correction: had the Pats scored at the end *and* either gone for two successfully or kicked successfully then won in OT, it would be 199 wins.
      You must look at the parlay.

      • Kevin Lynch

        Ha-ha! Okay. Interestingly, New England actually tried to kill the clock on the first run, their own admission. They didn’t want to give Russell 30 seconds on the play clock. Stupid. Not easy to score down there. I believe they tried three straight runs and din’t get in, which puts new light on Carroll’s pass call in the Super Bowl. I’m not running three straight times into a stacked line with the game on the line and no Marshawn. No way. You’ve got two all-world tight ends – throw the ball!