BY Andrew Harvey 09:58PM 01/04/2017

After big loss, Romar says Huskies in need of grit

Following an 83-61 loss to Oregon, including conceding 14 three-pointers, Washington coach Lorenzo Romar said this year’s team lacks the grit of its predecessors.

Sophomore guard David Crisp scored 14 points in Wednesday’s loss. / Kaia D’Albora, University of Washington Daily file

Lorenzo Romar’s Washington Huskies did not see a reversal of fortune at Hec Edmundson Pavilion Wednesday night. The No. 15 Oregon Ducks, bolstered by a career-best, 8-of-12 three-point performance from sophomore guard Tyler Dorsey, cruised to an 83-61 win.

Romar said Dorsey’s success came on the back of Washington’s failures.

“There were a couple of possessions, things that we had talked about, basics that we go over,” Romar said. “He got some open looks. In transition, we lost him a couple of times. You let a guy like Tyler Dorsey study the rim a couple of times without anybody contesting his shot, he’s going to find his rhythm.”

Washington (7-7, 0-2 Pac-12) hung close over the first 14 minutes, but failed to capitalize on early foul trouble on Oregon’s big man, Dillon Brooks, and an injury to forward Jordan Bell that limited the junior to six minutes in the first half.

As in Sunday’s loss to Washington State, the Huskies came apart late in the first half, surrendering a 14-2 run over three and a half minutes that put Oregon (14-2, 3-0 Pac-12) on top for good.

Romar did not know the source of the mental lapses.

“They’re concerning. It’s what happened against Washington State,” Romar said. “I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on (why the breakdowns keep occurring). I know we’ve taken a step back, in that regard.

“Since this group has been in college . . . they were able to walk in and see a senior, Andrew Andrews, who knew what was supposed to be done. But we haven’t experienced that success yet. Dejounte Murray, Marquese Chriss, Andrews, those were some tough kids. We would get down, and there was grit with those guys. We have to find some others that are able to step up.”

Romar noted that sophomore guard David Crisp was a front-runner for the job. Crisp scored 14 points, along with three assists. Markelle Fultz scored 22 with four assists, while senior forward Malik Dime grabbed 11 rebounds. No other Washington player hit double digits.

Dorsey waited until he had savaged the three-point line until scoring his first two-pointer. He finished 9-of-15 from the field for a game-high 28 points. Despite Bell’s limited minutes in the first half, he returned in the second and romped his way to an 11-rebound, 10-point double-double in 24 minutes.

Washington seeks to beat up on Oregon State University (0-2, 4-11) Saturday (noon, Pac-12 Networks)  to jump-start its conference season. Lacking the grit of departed players, a game that was once seen as a sure win looms perilous.


  • Colin Sowards

    Time to move along, Lorenzo. Thank you for your efforts, but this isn’t working. Great recruiter, pedestrian coach.

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    • Talkjoc

      Colin, I’ve been saying that for years on this site. The guy can recruit with the best of them but can’t get away from the AAU-style of basketball. Up and down, no rebounding and even less defense. Don’t/Can’t even watch anymore. I’ll check out Markelle Fultz next year in the NBA.

    • 1coolguy

      The guy should resign so Jenn can look for another HC and he can go out with some class. Watching his inept coaching is simply embarrassing at this point and he’s too good a person to go out this way. End it now Romar, for yourself and the program. Help the next guy with recruiting and then move on, retire, whatever.

  • 1coolguy

    Romar simply needs to look in the mirror and admit it: He’s not a D1 coach, for whatever reason. The UW, by virtue of the NCAA tournament accepting 68 teams, has been, at best, 69th, since their last tournament team in 2011. He has failed and needs to do the right thing – meet with Jenn and resign, so that she can line up prospective coaches to interview.

    • Comrade C-attle

      The guy won two conference titles and is the most successful coach in the modern era for UW. He does have Porter coming in. Has he been slipping? Yes, without a doubt. However, to say he’s not a D1 coach is ridiculous.

      • 1coolguy

        if your definition of D1 coach is someone who consistently finishes 69th or lower, then I guess we are all allowed our opinion. This isn’t about the past but teh present, which has been miserable since 2011, the Dawgs last NCAA tournament.

        • Comrade C-attle

          If he didn’t have Porter coming in, I would be inclined to say it’s time to move on. The double-edged sword for UW is that, talent is 9/10 the law in basketball and if you lose him, you give up a massive recruiting base (truth is, most top players in basketball and football want to go play for a coach who can get them to the NBA/NFL and Romar is proven in that category).

          • 1coolguy

            This could be a huge reason for a stud coach to come in – having the recruiting class lined up that Romar does, the athletes seeing the next guy is a winner and all goes well. Winners want to keep winning, playing for winning coaches and programs, and though he is an excellent recruiter, the guys he has lined up won’t have an issue to stay committed to UW if they meet the next coach and determine he will create a winning program. Just sayin’

          • Comrade C-attle

            I think you’re overrating the UW job. Reminds me of the Oregon situation when they fired Kent. It did work out but wasn’t exactly the most eye-popping hire.

  • Effzee


  • Comrade C-attle

    Oregon State will be a huge game. Losing to Oregon isn’t a big deal since they’re a notch above the Huskies. Washington State might be better than people think (although I suspect they simply got lucky against UW). OSU though, lost a lot from last year and is having a horrible season.

    • 1coolguy

      They will, bank on it. Romar – dead man walking.

  • Husky73

    The only thing more disorganized than the Huskies was the random, stream of consciousness blathering of Bill Walton.

  • 2nd place is 1st loser

    Sure it’s always a great idea for the coach to lay blame on the players, this guy has worn out his welcome. Please UW call it a day with Romar, it’s not going to turn around with him.