BY SPNW Staff 01:34PM 04/14/2017

Lynch, Raiders agree; needs Seahawks trade

The NFL Network reported Friday that running back Marshawn Lynch has agreed to terms with the Oakland Raiders. Contract details have yet to be disclosed. In order for Lynch to return to the NFL, the Seahawks, who still own his rights, will have to trade him, at which point he will officially apply for reinstatement.

Lynch tweeted out his delight Thursday night.


Lynch, who played his final game for the Seahawks in January 2016, was placed on the reserve/retired list later that year and did not play during the 2016 season. But he began contract negotiations with the Raiders Thursday with the idea of playing at least one more year with his hometown team on what was described as a “short-term, incentive-laden” deal.

Lynch, who grew up in Oakland and played college football at the University of California, would cost the Seahawks a $9 million salary cap hit if played for them in 2017. The Seahawks are expected to receive either a late-round pick from Oakland this year or a conditional pick in 2018.

If the Seahawks trade Lynch, as they are expected to do, they will not be able to recover $2.5 million in signing bonus money.

Lynch finished his career with the Seahawks as the fourth-leading rusher in franchise history with 6,347 yards and 57 rushing touchdowns.


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