BY Art Thiel 02:54PM 04/24/2017

Thiel: Have Seahawks ‘moved past’ Sherm deal?

Seahawks GM John Schneider is trying to be casual about the possibility of trading Richard Sherman, but he also knows that as the draft approaches, it does panicky things to NFL teams.

John Schneider is trying to be cool about the potential Richard Sherman trade. / Art Thiel, Sportspress Northwest

For those Seahawks followers weary of the Richard Sherman trade story, here is what general manager John Schneider said in his annual pre-draft media briefing Monday at team headquarters:

“Right now we kinda moved past it.”

Well then, that’s it, right? Not exactly.

“If somebody calls and goes crazy with something, we’ll discuss it again,” he said. “At this point . . . I don’t mean, ‘Go crazy,’ but you know what I mean — if somebody gives you compensation where you truly have to consider it, then we’d consider it.”

Oh. Crazy-not-crazy. Got it.

So, John, why would you even consider trading one of your cornerstone players and one of the best in the game?

“We would consider it because it’s been a mutual thing,” he said. “It’s OK. We feel like it would clear cap room and we’d get younger. That’s the only reason we’d do it, I guess. One of the top cornerbacks in the league — you don’t just give them away.”

So it has nothing to do with Sherman’s search for “a spark,” as you said on ESPN 710 radio Thursday?

“First and foremost, it’s most important for you guys to know we pride ourselves in having an open dialogue with our players,” he said. “Everybody needs a spark — maybe spark isn’t the right word, but maybe a little re-set. We all do.

“I know after the draft, I’m gonna have a little re-set, look back and evaluate the whole season, how we prepared for free agency and draft. With him, it was very much the same thing. After the season. It was like, hey, I wanna to get back to be where he feels like he could be . . .  not just him, he’s talking about the whole team.”

But wouldn’t this be unprecedented for the Seahawks, talking publicly about trading a star, then pulling back?

“I can see why you would think that,” he said, “but within these walls, no.”

What needs to happen if Sherman stays with the Seahawks?

“I think it’s just time,” he said. “The season just ended. Just time. Time heals all wounds. or whatever.”

Why not adopt your usual covert tactics when it comes to potential trades?

“People say, ‘Why do you have your business out in the open?'” he said. “Basically, it was already out there. People had been talking about it. Rumors about it. We have had conversations with teams. But he’s in a good place. He’s here today, working. Earl (Thomas) is here. Kam (Chancellor) is here. We’re all in a very good place. If it works out, it works out. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. Everybody’s OK with it.

“He met with Pete (Carroll), had a really great conversation. So it’s been about, like, he may see it as a fresh start for him. We may see it as a way to clear cap room and get younger. Neither side is super-urgent about it, if that makes sense.”

No, on the surface, all the maybe-this, maybe-that seems odd.

Then again, if Schneider’s job is to get the best possible deal for the franchise, perhaps the prevarication and dissembling are part of the strategy.

The Seahawks can’t be seen to be eager to rid themselves of Sherman after his sideline outbursts toward coaches last season that would have qualified as insubordination on other teams. Nor can Sherman be seen as a stubborn hothead, adamant about leaving a team where he was allowed to flourish perhaps like nowhere else.

So the public face is a casual, business-as-usual posture. It also seems both sides want it to happen, but not at any cost.

So with the imminence of the draft at 5 p.m. Thursday, the parties know each hour ratchets up the pressure for some team to go crazy-not-crazy.

In the world of the NFL, where margins between success and failure can come down to a single tipped ball (where would the Seahawks and 49ers be today if Sherman hadn’t knocked away the pass in the end zone to Michael Crabtree in the 2014 NFC championship?), urgency to bust a big move is often irresistible.

The Seahawks know the game well. Recall the trades for RB Marshawn Lynch, WR Percy Harvin, TE Jimmy Graham. All different from each other and Sherman, but all high-risk walks on the tightrope.

If you don’t have the stomach for crazy-not-crazy, stay away from the circus.


  • WestCoastBias79

    Maybe both sides came to the conclusion that working it out would be best for both parties? Or maybe this entire thing was an inside joke?

    • ss

      I vote inside joke, beautifully executed to keep the Seahawks and Sherman in the headlines of talk radio and sports news sites during the off season.

      • John M

        Maybe. But things happen right up to draft day. Actually I think it would be fine for Sherman to finish his career here. His “individualism” isn’t that tough to take, and he’s still teaching the young guys – about how not to let your emotions get too loud. He might be saying that to them as we dither . . .

        • art thiel

          It’s not whether fans or media can handle his individualism. It’s whether he’s forcing Carroll into a double standard for tolerating from him what Carroll wouldn’t take from another player.

          • tor5

            That’s exactly right. I can get past Sherm’s antics, and even enjoy them to a degree, but when he publicly criticizes Carroll, he’s crossed the line. Carroll gave him his shot. Carroll let Sherm be Sherm. Carroll built a defense that let him shine. Yes, Sherm helped Carroll too. It’s been reciprocal. But how about a little recognition for Carroll’s role in his career?

          • art thiel

            Fair points. Jeff Bezos has a phrase he uses when Amazon’s internal debates about products or procedures stalls into deadlock.

            Disagree and commit.

            A most useful phrase for any of us in any endeavor.

          • John M

            Agree, Art, but then there’s Lynch, Harvin, etc. Thing about Sherm, he’s close enough to his teammates so they can let him know too, and that counts. It seems every NFL team has some characters – some a lot worse than Sherman. I’m more concerned about him getting his full speed back . . .

          • art thiel

            I’m sure his teammates have weighed in. But I think all of them would agree that Sherman can be the most stubborn guy they know.

            And I think they also wonder about Sherman’s 100 percent commitment after all that has been said about his actions.

      • art thiel

        That would be wrong. Seahawks don’t need the pub, nor the distractions. But they do want max value if Sherman remains incorrigible.

    • art thiel

      I think the Seahawks are sincere about testing the market with him. But there is gamesmanship going on, but all motives aren’t on the table.

  • Husky73

    I think Sherman came to the conclusion that he needed the Seahawks more than they needed him. Richard Sherman is not bigger than the Seahawks. Teams outlive individuals, and the Seahawks would have moved on without him.

    • art thiel

      Not sure I agree that Sherman thinks he needs the Seahawks more.

  • Paul Harmening

    Brilliant Art…You make up questions as if doing an interview and use existing quotes for the answers. About as smooth as the old carny hawkers at the Iowa State Fair getting me to spend a quarter to get an inside the tent porno peak when I was just a kid.

    • art thiel

      Well, actually, I was there, joining in for the questions and listening to the answers. The questions were as asked, so were the answers. I don’t do fake news.

      • Paul Harmening

        My bad! I’m glad somebody doesn’t do fake news. I guess I was looking for a qualifier other than the one you proposed.

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  • 3 Lions

    Schneider is starting to sound more like Carrol or a teenager.
    ” It is like whatever, kinda, I guess, you know”
    Say something substantive please!

    • Steed

      It’s the off season. There is no substance to talk about.

    • art thiel

      You noticed, too. John was way more wishy-washy than usual, masking it with nervous humor.

    • Tamikagcastillo

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