BY Art Thiel 10:47AM 06/13/2017

Safeco ending naming rights deal with Mariners

Safeco Insurance and the Mariners could not agree on a naming rights extension deal, so the ballpark will have a new sponsor/name after 2018. A few suggestions here.

The name that shall be gone after 2018. / Wiki Commons

The one and only name for the Mariners baseball park, Safeco Field, will be no more after the 2018 season. The 20-year deal signed in 1998 is expiring, and the insurance company notified the ballclub that would not extend the naming rights deal, according to a statement from the club Tuesday.

In the statement, Mariners president Kevin Mather said,  “Safeco Insurance has been a great partner of the Mariners dating back to the earliest days of the franchise, including the ballpark naming rights for the last 20 years. We appreciate everything Safeco has done over the years to support our organization and look forward to continuing the relationship in the future.”

Tyler Asher, Safeco Insurance president, also had a diplomatic spin:

“It has been an honor to host the naming rights for the last 20 years and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the Mariners. While our marketing approach is changing, we intend to remain active partners with the organization for years to come.

“Safeco and our parent company Liberty Mutual are committed to our presence in the Seattle community, by providing jobs to thousands of people in the region and supporting non-profits that help make Seattle one of the finest and exciting cities in the U.S. and across the globe.”

The stadium is owned by a municipal corporation, the Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District (PFD), and the Mariners are the operators.

The Mariners say they have begun preliminary talks with potential naming rights partners.

Time to get your imaginations working.

The Ballpark at Boeing.

(Catholic Church) Our Lady of Perpetual Futility.

Yard Bezos.

Gates of Heaven.


Vulcan Home World.

(Favorite pot store name) Grass Field.

Alexa, Give Me The Playoffs Stadium.

F.X. McRory’s Irish Pub.

Baja Seattle Arena.

1995 Slideyards.


Delta Field at Alaska Airlines Ballpark.

Clank Next to the Clink.


  • Matt712

    Supersonic Park!

  • Art Thiel

    Just heard another one: Starbucks Grounds.

    • Jamo57

      Darn. You beat me to it! Given the fact the Ms are celebrating their 40th anniversary and are one of only two teams to never get to the Series, could the team be referred to as the “40 Year Old Virgins?” Maybe Sisters of Providence Park, home of……

      • Art Thiel

        “40 year old virgins” might be better as a promotional night. Everyone in free with proof.

  • MarkS

    Oaxacan Roasted Grasshopper field

    • Art Thiel

      Does to the tongue what a foul ball does to the instep.

  • Buggy White

    Thiel Field!

  • Art Thiel

    Yes! All seats with extra legroom!

  • Effzee

    SoDo Arena Field

    Chris R. Hansen Park

  • Effzee

    The House That Griffey Built (But Never Played In)

  • Effzee

    The Niehaus House

  • Effzee

    The Region of Doom

  • Effzee

    The Servais Station

    Small-Ball Field

    Bobblehead Stadium