BY SPNW Staff 02:53PM 12/16/2017

Kam goes on injured reserve; Glowinski waived

In a sign they are likely to be without injured LBs Bobby Wagner (hamstring) and K.J. Wright (concussion) Sunday at the Clink against the Los Angeles Rams, the Seahawks Saturday called up second-year LB Kache Palacio out of Washington State from the 53-man practice squad, along with rookie CB Mike Tyson.

To create room on the 53-man roster, the Seahawks put SS Kam Chancellor on injured reserve, which had been expected, and waived OG Mark Glowinski, which was not. Glowinski began the season as a starter at right guard, but playing time had diminished in favor of veteran Oday Aboushi, then rookie Ethan Pocic.

The Seahawks also needed some salary relief because they are temporarily operating over the salary cap. Glowinski’s departure leaves the Seahawks with O-line reserves Matt Tobin, Joey Hunt and Jordan Roos, an undrafted free agent rookie who makes $465,000. Glowinski made $615,000. Roos has yet to have a scrimmage play.

Palacio was signed to the practice squad last month, while Tyson, a rookie draftee out of Cincinnati, has spent the season on the practice squad. Earlier in the week, the Seahawks brought up another linebacker from the practice squad, Paul Dawson.

Chancellor’s neck injury during a game against the Arizona Cardinals in November has kept him inactive since. Coach Pete Carroll recently confirmed Chancellor, like CB Richard Sherman (Achilles tendon surgery), was done for the season.


  • Chris Alexander

    Didn’t see the Glowinski move coming. Not really surprised by it but kind of concerned that it may come back to bite us at some point (i.e. if Pocic gets hurt or if Glowinski develops into a Top-10 guard at some point).

  • Kevin Lynch

    The big question is whether the defense still has the lockdown bite at home in a must win game. Do they still have that tiger’s edge? They’ve made two Super Bowls and won one. And the primary players have been paid. Can they still crush it? Do they have that mentality? OH, and injuries? Injuries are a part of the game. This is put up or shut up. Still thinking Hawks have a very close win…but…

    • Ron

      Obviously not. As the late Dandy Don Meredith would say, “Turn out the lights…the party’s over.”

      This Rams loss was another game lost in the first quarter. Zero offense in the first half of yet another game I can only attribute that to coaching, specifically the OC. It’s time to start the offseason changes. Yes, many will blame this lost season on injuries, but that’s what the NFL is all about – who comes out on top after all the attrition. The Seahawks have put all their eggs into one basket with the payroll going to a few players. We need to dump wasted payroll on old vets who are not worth their cost. If these players are willing to take big paycuts, keep them. But if not, cut or trade them. This season has shown that we need depth to mitigate the injuries.

      • Kevin Lynch

        You got it, Ron. But I don’t see the highly paid players taking those possible pay cuts. There will be trades and player cuts and a retirement or two. But this team needs to be rebuilt. There has been a lack of motivation all year. Most of the games played the offense wasn’t ready to hit the ground running. Today they just mailed it in. Big changes needed.