BY SPNW Staff 02:58PM 01/13/2018

Reports: Seahawks to hire Schottenheimer as OC

According to multiple reports, the Seahawks will hire Brian Schottenheimer as their new offensive coordinator, replacing the ousted Darrell Bevell.

Brian Schottenheimer has spent nine years in the NFL as an offensive coordinator. / Los Angeles Rams

According to a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Seahawks will hire Brian Schottenheimer as their new offensive coordinator, replacing Darrell Bevell, ousted last week after seven years on the job. The NFL Network confirmed the ESPN report, but the Seahawks have confirmed nothing about Schottenheimer, quarterbacks coach of the Indianapolis Colts the past two seasons.

The 44-year-old Schottenheimer, son of former NFL head coach Marty Schottenheimer, has nine years of experience as an NFL offensive coordinator, including six years with the New York Jets (2006-11) and three with the St. Louis Rams (2012-14). He also worked one year (2015) as OC at the University of Georgia.

Two of Schottenheimer’s Jets teams advanced to the AFC title game with Mark Sanchez at quarterback. The Rams finished 23rd, 30th and 28th in total offense under Schottenheimer, but QB Sam Bradford missed 25 games during that stretch because of two ACL injuries.

According to reports, coach Pete Carroll chose Schottenheimer over Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo.

Schottenheimer will have to deal with a Seattle running game that ranked 25th and 23rd the past two years after finishing no worse than fourth from 2012-15.

Schottenheimer will also have to fix this: The Seahawks in the first halves last season ranked 30th in yards per game (133.9) and 31st in offensive points per game (6.25), but was No. 1 in second-half yards per game (196.5) and second-half points per game (14.19).

Schottenheimer is a University of Florida grad, a former quarterback, and has been in coaching since leaving Florida in 1996. He worked at USC as a tight ends coach in 2000, before Carroll arrived there, and for the Washington Redskins as a quarterbacks coach. He served as quarterbacks coach of the Chargers (2002-05) when his father coached in San Diego and Drew Brees was a young player.


  • Ron

    Underwhelming choice.

    • art thiel

      Who would have overwhelmed you among the availables?

      • Ron

        Whelmed would have been sufficient.

      • Chris Alexander

        While I doubt it was really an option, the Huskies’ head coach would make a good OC for the local NFL team. I think that might have gotten a favorable response from Seahawks fans. However, I think he probably would have chosen to stay at the UW rather than take a Coordinator position. When Pete retires in a few years though …. Pederson as his successor, especially if he continues his run of success at the UW …. that could be a nice match.

  • jafabian

    I hope this wasn’t a rush decision. Other teams have been doing their own hires very quickly and if the Hawks waited too long the right candidate would be snapped up. But I thought they’d bring in a parade of candidates like Rob Chudzinski, Ben McAdoo, Mike Schula, John DeFilipo, Edgard Bennett or even Kevin Sumlin. Looking forward to seeing what they do with the O-Line coaching vacancy: promote from within or do an outside hire?

    • art thiel

      We actually don’t know all who had been considered/interviewed. And we’ve yet to hear from Carroll about his specs for the job. But almost no fan will get excited about any OC choice because there’s few tells beyond player quotes to measure.

  • Effzee

    Oh boy. I was hoping for an upgrade. Why do I feel like they are hiring the Blair Walsh of Offensive Coordinators?

    • art thiel

      He did many good things with the Jets, not nearly as many with the Rams. It might have something to do with the quality of the players.

      • Effzee

        In that case, I’m truly afraid. You’ve seen the offensive players not named Wilson and Baldwin, right? I see I just made the argument for keeping Bevell.

        • Chris Alexander

          I think you’re either forgetting or underestimating Lockett, Richardson, Graham (assuming he returns), Carson, Davis, McKissick, Rawls, etc. Our O-line needs improvement and the offense can’t sit on their hands until the second half every week. But, overall, there’s considerable talent on the offensive side of the ball that’s not named Wilson or Baldwin.

          I’m not super excited about the Shottenheimer hiring but I don’t think it will be a lack of talent that will prove challenging for him. The question is simply can he improve the line play while also VASTLY improving how we start games offensively?

          • Effzee

            Nope. Not forgetting about them. I stand by what I said. The only possible exception might be Carson, but we will have to see if he can stay off of the injury wagon.