BY Art Thiel 06:00AM 02/09/2018

Winter Olympics in Korea: Cold temps, icy politics

The 23rd Winter Games are underway in South Korea, beneath the shadow of tense international politics and amid forecasts of record cold for an Olympics.

The view of PyeongChang’s outdoor venues at the 2018 Winter Games. / Korean Culture and Information Service

The Winter Olympics, the quadrennial global effort to defy gravity in the cold while wearing funny costumes on slick surfaces, is underway in South Korea. The 23rd edition of the Games is, as usual, played against a backdrop of international politics, this one featuring North Korea vs. the U.S. to see who wins the gold medal for insipid bellicosity.

The Opening Ceremony began Friday morning in PyeongChang, 100 miles east of Seoul and 50 miles from the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas that have defied solutions for more than 60 years. But with a delegation of North Korean athletes added late to the Games, the chance for mayhem on the peninsula seems to have been reduced.

A graphical snapshot of the Games was created by that covers some of the same frozen ground as NBC, the Olympics corporate patron, as well as some fresh stuff.

Take some notes from the cool facts herein and win many bets in the office, factory or dorm as you await your turn in the stairwell luge course.


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  • Mark Stratton

    How can bellicosity be insipid? The exchanges between big button and little button are anything but boring.

    • art thiel

      Your threshold for amusement is breathtakingly low.

  • coug73

    The dias tells the story. North Korea way ahead in diplomacy of grand gestures, with help from South Korea, while Pence looks the fool sitting low tier.

    • rosetta_stoned

      Does this mean Hillary becomes president?

      • coug73
      • art thiel

        Could be, as long as we are running a Constitution-free junta.

      • Tman

        She won the election. How did we get this mess? The “Electoral College”? Nope. She won that, too. In a nationwide 9 point landslide. see:

        Our systems and institutions failed us. 2000 and again in 2016. We will never have another free election if we allow 2016 to stand. The computer code written on orders of Jeb Bush to Clinton E. Curtis will continue to produce “republican” victories wherever “no paper trail” machines are used. see:

        The removal of the equal time provisions and fairness doctrines from FCC licensing rules will continue to skew media coverage. Voter Suppression techniques like too few machines in heavily populated areas, character and physical assassination of opposing candidates will continue. We will never again have a government elected by the people, for the purpose of serving the people. We will continue living under the guns of the constitution less ruling juntas installed by the Fossil Fuel, Military and Banking industries President Eisenhower warned us to beware in his famous “Military Industrial Complex” speech 1960.

        • art thiel

          I’m not prepared to use this forum to debate the point.

    • art thiel

      Hey, don’t spoil it. I’m watching the OC at 5 p.m. and was hoping to see Pence walk out, as he did with an NFL game, when icky people showed up.

  • Kirkland

    I’m one of the very few hockey fans who actually likes the NHL players staying at home on the Olympics. Let established professionals have their World Cups, and let younger athletes into the Olympics, like how Olympic soccer is for U-23 players instead of the Messis and Ronaldos. Name the squads of NHL draftees and minor leaguers in the fall, play a barnstorming schedule against other countries and minor league teams to develop chemistry and make final cuts, and after the games return them to their minor league teams or even promote them to their NHL teams if they’ve done well and have gained name recognition.