BY SPNW Staff 01:42PM 04/09/2018

Ryon Healy the latest Mariners’ freak casualty

The Mariners called up relief pitcher Chasen Bradford Monday to fill a roster spot vacated by the injured 1B Ryon Healy, who is on the 10-day disabled list after another episode of clubhouse health wackiness — he sprained his right ankle during a weight-room workout after the Mariners’ 11-4 win in Minnesota Saturday.

Bradford was to be available for the start of the 5:15 p.m. PT Monday game at Kansas City, the first of a three-game series.

Healy hit a bases-clearing double in the eighth inning Saturday, only his second hit of the season, which bumped up his average to .091 (2 for 22). His primary backup, Dan Vogelbach, is hitting .267 (4 for 15).

Healy joins C Mike Zunino, DH Nelson Cruz, LF Ben Gamel and starting pitcher Erasmo Ramirez on the disabled list. Set-up reliever David Phelps was lost for the season to Tommy John elbow surgery.

Manager Scott Servais suggested Saturday that the three position players could return by Friday.

The Mariners had an unplanned day off Sunday when the final game in the series with the Twins was called off because a forecasted threat of snow. The teams will make up the game May 14.

Bradford, 28. pitched a single shutout inning for AAA Tacoma Thursday. After being claimed off waivers from the Mets Jan. 19, he had nine appearances in spring training for the Mariners, striking out nine in 10.1 innings.


  • Tian Biao

    how many more omens do we need?? the god Neptune is angry! he will not forgive the upside down trident!! a dark and mystic ceremony must be held at safeco: a purge: an apology, some burnt fish or seaweed offerings, whatever makes the sea god happy. and then: the inverted trident must go!

    • woofer

      Bad feng shui, no doubt about it. Sacrificing an Ichiro bobblehead doll should also be considered. Low key. Nothing fancy. Immolation during the seventh inning stretch in a cardboard coffin of garlic fries should suffice. Right after the hydroplane race would provide a good opportunity.

      • Effzee

        I started going to games in the M’s inaugural season, when I was 4 years old. I think there is baseball voodoo at play here, and our only hope is to start a movement to Bury the “M.”

        The name Mariner not only represents historical baseball ineptitude and feebleness on a wide variety of levels, including a dizzying array of statistical anomalies, it is forever tied to Bud Selig stealing the Pilots in the first place.

        Let’s just Bury the “M!”

        Make ’em the Pilots again!

  • Effzee

    I suspect Chuckenhowie still semi-frequently enter the general vicinity of the team. That’s got to be it. They are like that one guy’s dad who doesn’t have anything else to do anymore, so he just kinda wanders around in your general vicinity, bumming out your vibe.

    • Tian Biao

      ooh, the ghost of chuckenhowie, haunting the corridors, moaning quietly in the middle of the night, adam jones . . . adam jones . . . figgins, figgins, must sign figgins . . . ca-a-a-a-rlos silva . . . ca-a-a-rlos silva. the supernatural cannot be discounted here. something is going on here . . . who you gonna call?

      • woofer

        And who can ever forget the immortal Heathcliff Slocumb? Picked him up at the trade deadline as an extra arm for the pennant race run. Just gave up a couple minor leaguers to get him. A steal.

  • Howard Wells

    every Seattle pro team is plagued by injuries! What is wrong with the city of Seattle?! Bad water? bad management? bad physical therapists? lazy, careless players? Every Seattle team is plagued by injuries!

    • Effzee

      Its too chill here. The politics are relaxed, if you know what I mean. We walk slow and obey crosswalk signs and look at stuff. They start to blend-in but then they have to get up off the couch and shag fly balls, and try to hit really really fast pitches, and its kinda rough on them. Or, you know, run as fast as possible to try to catch a pass while outrunning another guy, and maybe jumping or diving at the end, or worse yet, tackling someone with the ferocity of pain… Cripes, it sounds exhausting just saying it! Sounds like something that could really harsh your mellow.

  • coug73

    Jeeze, injuries on this team are numerous. Perhaps, this team needs to wrapped up in plastic wrap and shelved until game time. Or, maybe we need a Mayo Clinic in the club house. Or, Richard Simmons in the club house helping keep the ball players healthy with low impact exercises. Jeeze, aah I repeat myself.