BY SPNW Staff 12:45PM 04/16/2018

QB Davis returns; door not closed on Kaepernick

Free agent Austin Davis, the back-up last season to QB Russell Wilson, returned to the Seahawks Monday on a one-year contract, the club said.’s Mike Garafolo reported that the deal doesn’t necessarily mean the door is closed on talks with free agent Colin Kaepernick.

Davis, 28, saw only a few plays the past season. His most recent NFL start was in 2015 with Cleveland, but he started eight times in 2014 for the then-St. Louis Rams, including a win over Seattle. He completed 63 percent of his passes and had 12 TDs with nine interceptions. His offensive coordinator with the Rams was Brian Schottenheimer, now the Seahawks’ new OC.

Last week the Seahawks added Stephen Morris, who has spent four seasons on the NFL fringes without throwing a pass in a game. That was after the Seahawks were ready to work out Kaepernick, who was hired by no team in 2017 after his pre-game kneels during the anthem sparked a national controversy.

At the last minute, the Seahawks put off the workout after they asked about his non-football plans for the season, including protests. Kaepernick, 30, said he didn’t know.

Kaepernick also filed a lawsuit against the NFL charging collusion among teams to keep him unsigned because of his protest actions. Among the witnesses called to testify will be Seahawks owner Paul Allen, coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider, according to Yahoo Sports.

The Seahawks a year ago talked with Kaepernick about the backup job, but passed on signing. Carroll said then, “He’s a starter, and we already have one.”

If the Seahawks renew talks and eventually sign Kaepernick, the deals for Davis and Morris, considered camp arms, are not guaranteed.

As the team’s official offseason program began Monday, the Seahawks signed  four other players — C Joey Hunt, LS Tyler Ott and DL Branden Jackson signed their exclusive-rights free agent contracts. Also signing was free agent LB Paul Dawson.

Seattle has signed all its ERFAs and restricted free agents.


  • Centiorari

    If the Hawks succeed in getting back to a run first offense with strong defense then any of the 3 could fill in without destroying the season. If they fail and we have to run a pass heavy offense then the season is likely over if Wilson is injured. Either way, all we need is a game manager that makes good decisions and Davis may be the best of the 3 at that. Presumably none of the 3 are really going to make much a difference in helping Wilson prep for game day, but that is part of the player that we don’t get to see, so who knows.

  • Ron
  • Howard Wells

    this year’s goal is acquiring the 1st pick in the 2019 draft.

    • Ron

      Normally that would be Cleveland’s territory, but I can envision how that could happen for the Hawks. First game against the Rams, Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Donald make a Russell Wilson sandwich, putting him in a cast for the year.

  • Tman

    CK is right.
    We all need to take a knee until the police stand down from their Shoot first policy. This is America. We all know our rights. We will lose our rights, we will lose everything, just as the Germans did when they allowed Hitlers police and soldiers to murder at will. The people of Germany did nothing in fear of going missing, being tortured and killed themselves The people of Germany pay the price to this day, just as we will. Can Americas’ police shoot its citizens of color and its military bomb foreign countries without being bombed and killed ourselves? When the people of the world realized Germany was a threat to the world, the world united to defeat Germany. How might it be different for us?

    The Seahawks will be all the better with CK waiting in the wings to help when needed. So will America