BY Art Thiel 06:30AM 09/02/2019

Thiel: Receiver? Schneider says, ‘Hold my beer’

The trade for Jadeveon Clowney seemed to force the Seahawks to cut Jaron Brown Saturday. But by Sunday, he was back, another slick move by GM John Schneider.

Pete Carroll and John Schneider needed some craftiness at roster deadline time to bolster the wide receiver group.  / Art Thiel, Sportspress Northwest

After the Seahawks over the weekend went 1-0 to start the NFL season with the acquisition of DE Jadeveon Clowney, the next personnel question arises: Who catches passes besides  Tyler Lockett?

Presumably, general manager John Schneider’s first remark figures to be: Hold my beer.

The one noteworthy, unexpected setback in the wake of trades and cutdowns that set the roster  Saturday was having to release WR Jaron Brown. The saving of his $2.75 million contract was reportedly needed to put a dent in the $15.9 million suddenly owed on Clowney’s franchise-tag deal.

As season-starting problems go in the NFL, the incredible lightness of Seattle’s receiver unit is fairly small spuds, especially for a run-first team, and not as bad as it seemed Saturday.

On Sunday came news from that besides the small return in players taken (LBs Barkevious Mingo and Jacob Martin, neither starters) by Houston boss Bill O’Brien, he also agreed to pay $7 million of Clowney’s salary, making a bad deal worse for the Texans.

If this were a Western movie, Schneider appears to have come to town and stolen the horses, most of the whiskey, ripped the badge from the sheriff’s leather vest and ridden off with the dance-hall chanteuse.

But the departure of Brown meant the Seahawks behind No. 1 Lockett are three-year vet David Moore, second-year vet Malik Turner (two catches in 2018) and three rookies — second-rounder DK Metcalf, fourth-rounder Gary Jennings and seventh-rounder John Ursua. Moore is hurt, a broken shoulder bone likely keeping him out of Sunday’s opener at the Clink against Cincinnati, if not longer. And Metcalf had minor knee surgery Aug. 20.

In 2018, Moore averaged a team-high 17.1 yards per catch, but had only 26 receptions, which was 12 more than Brown. So we’re not talking key offensive cogs here. Still, the startling part of the 2019 strategy may have been revealed in Thursday’s fake-football finale at the Clink, a 17-15 win over Oakland.

The Seahawks completed five passes. Five.

Yes, it was the preseason. Yes, both teams were playing fourth-stringers. The only guess I have is that the Seahawks’ contribution to the NFL’s celebration of its 100th anniversary is to set the game back 100 years. Holy Decatur Staleys.

There’s no disputing the fact that the three rookies combined in the four exhibition games for six catches — Ursua four, Metcalf and Jennings one each. Their combined NFL game experience so far is one nad above nada.

So a few hours after this column was posted at 6:30 a.m. Monday, Schneider’s beer was returned to him.

Brown was re-signed by the Seahawks after TE Ed Dickson, who missed preseason with a knee injury, was placed on injured reserve, where he will remain for eight weeks. The Seahawks needed to wait until after the 53-man roster was set including Dickson at 1 p.m. Saturday to engage the procedural maneuver following Clowney’s official acquisition Sunday.

Clearly, Schneider had the workaround planned all along, with Brown a willing conspirator. Brown even posted a deke tweet bidding farewell to Seattle.

This is next-level personnel craftsmanship, or maybe it’s just Schneider having a little tee-hee at the expense of writers, fans and his contemporaries. Either way, the NFL may consider implementing retina scanners on subsequent Schneider shenanigans to filter out imposter maneuvers.

So the seven-man receiver unit for Sunday is led by the grizzled Lockett, 26, a fifth-year veteran, and includes behind Moore and Brown the nursery unit of three rookies and a second-year guy with two career catches.

Unless Schneider has a plan to pry loose Odell Beckham from the Cleveland Browns.

Schneider really has had himself an off-season. Here is how Jeremy Bergman of put it:

He orchestrated historic extensions for his offensive and defensive quarterbacks (Rusell Wilson, Bobby Wagner), landed arguably the top free-agent edge rusher in Ezekiel Ansah and still made out with Clowney and a well-stocked front seven without mortgaging Seattle’s future. There’s a reason the Seahawks are always relevant in the NFC, despite significant roster turnover, and he doesn’t wear Air Monarchs.

He failed to mention that Schneider entered the April draft with four selections and came out with 11, nine of which made the team (the other two, OL Phil Haynes and DL Demarcus Christmas, are on the physically unable to perform list for six weeks).

Part of the rookies’ presence is a function of having to pay Wilson $35 million and Wagner $17 million, the highest-paid players at their positions in the NFL. And now they have Clowney, the roster’s third-most expensive player. The Seahawks are forced have to pay more players at lower rates.

Unless of course, O’Brien picks up the phone in Houston again. He may want to give Schneider J.J. Watt if Schneider agrees to let O’Brien go halvsies again on the contract.


  • Will Ganschow

    We have a decent field goal kicker. Remember a lot of 3-0, 6-3 Bears games back in the fifties and early sixties. By the way, my fantasy football team is named the Decatur Staleys

    • art thiel

      They spent FA dollars on Jason Myers for a reason: They need points from nearly every possession. He’s good from 55.

      I figured you for a Columbus Panhandles guy.

      • Will Ganschow

        Confession: I had to look them up.

        • RadioGuy

          Rochester Jeffersons, baby!

          • Will Ganschow

            On Jack Benny?

          • RadioGuy

            Well, we knew that Rochester could sustain a drive.

  • Alan Harrison

    And…here comes Jaron Brown, back because they wanted to put Ed Dickson on IR, but only for half a season. These guys are smart.

    • art thiel

      Updated the column to reflect the Schneider/Brown pump-fake.

  • Husky73

    I dream of Jermaine Kearse (injured) and John Ross (recovering) back in Seattle.

    • art thiel

      You’re halfway. Ross is back in Seattle Sunday.

  • Schroeder

    the fact that Texas is footing nearly half of the franchise tag should not have put Seattle in a must-save money mode. Seattle isn’t on the hook for all $15.7 million of Clowney’s contract. So cutting Brown and other veterans to cut salary weight might be in regards to another move the org plans to make because they should still have over $10M in cap space. Perhaps they intend to extend Jarren Reed and load some of it into this year’s contract or extend Clowney beyond 2019 and load some of that contract into this year so they save on cap hit going forward.

    • art thiel

      The column was updated Sunday to include the news of Houston’s desperation to move Clowney that required a $7 million payment to SEA. So they didn’t need to cut Brown’s salary.

      I’m sure Schneider wants cap flexibility for the inevitable emergency hires, or to extend Reed upon his return.

      • Schroeder

        I had re-read the article and saw the addition of the $7M TX is footing thus I edited but otherwise I only see the extra space as investment money down the line. If I’m not mistaken they can roll a % of unused money into next season, am I right? Something like 30% of unused cap space can be pushed to the following season.

        • Schroeder

          Our perhaps it’s all of it after like $90M is spent for the year.

          • art thiel

            All unused space under the cap rolls into the next season.

  • WestCoastBias79

    John Schneider to Bill O’Brien, “Furthermore, I wish you to wear this dress and bonnet…”

  • DJ

    Thanks Art! Schneider must be a heck of a poker player. I sometimes get worried about hearing the tricks to make great deals be so public, so as to loose opportunities like that in the future. However, seems like the situation for landing Clowney presented itself because of the market and his favor of the Seahawks. JS just needed to be ready to pull the trigger and move the rest of his chess pieces. Always great to work with a seller more desperate and careless than yourself. Houston will be lucky if they don’t end up being the Raiders of 2019

    • art thiel

      Most of his deals are break-even but the best ones become memorable, like this one and Marshawn Lynch. The other GMs have egos too, and I doubt they are intimidated by dealing with John.

      • Do you think O’Brien has an ego about his GM’ing skills?

  • RadioGuy

    Everyone would have to get healthy and stay that way, of course, but this is a pretty decent set of WRs even if Schneider doesn’t bring anyone else in. Lockett, Brown and Moore are young veterans who’ve all had their moments (Lockett especially), Metcalf has off-the-charts potential and Ursua looks like a good possession receiver. Jennings and Turner? Practice squad for now.

    To me, the key is Metcalf because if he comes back 100% from his knee surgery, he could turn into the linchpin of the WR corps. He’s got the size, speed, skill set and bloodline (his dad played OL for the Bears). But he HAS to stay healthy and that was a problem at Ole Miss.

    • art thiel

      Metcalf is important but I think Ursua’s role in the slot as Wilson’s new bail-out target is going to move the chains early.