BY Art Thiel 07:26PM 11/18/2019

Thiel: Seahawks defense showing up just in time

It took 10 games, but the win over the 49ers suggested that the heretofore woebegone Seahawks defense finally has reported for the tough stuff.

DT Jarran Reed’s strip-sack of 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo was one among numerous crucial plays by the Seahawks defense. / Drew McKenzie, Sportspress Northwest

Could it be that the Seahawks defense is . . . well, um, you know . . . respectable?

One game proves nothing, but it did inspire speculation after the Seahawks’ 27-24 overtime over San Francisco last week that the weak link might be made of something other than straw and duct tape.

“It was a great time for the defense to step up a level,” said coach Pete Carroll Monday afternoon as the team returned to practice following a bye Sunday. “I look forward to seeing that again. It’s kind of what we’d been looking for.”

Kind of? That’s like saying the NFL bosses kind of want to be done with Colin Kaepernick.

Over 70 minutes, the Seahawks held the 49ers to 302 yards of offense, including 87 on the ground, and one offensive touchdown. It was a major change from the previous nine games when the defense sustained numerous minor shoulder injuries from waving at opponent offenses.

“That was our best performance,” Carroll said, “against a really good club. A very determined offense in a style we really respect. We were the most active we’ve been in terms of pass rush, the run game and also in coverage.

“We had a lot of balls tipped — we could have had four interceptions. We needed it, mostly because we had such a hard time on offense taking care of the football.”

One of the tips did result in an interception, a third-quarter pick by FS Quandre Diggs, playing in, and starting, his first Seahawks game after a trade from Detroit. His 44-yard return set up a 16-yard TD drive that put Seattle up 14-10.

Perhaps more important, the arrival of Diggs appeared to have settled, in the 10th game, the most unsettled spot in the starting 22 — replacing Earl Thomas.

The Seahawks thought they had a something of an answer in Tedric Thompson, who made too many mistakes for a veteran. They drafted insurance in second-rounder Marquise Blair, who may work out eventually but was making too many rookie mistakes. So they went outside and traded small draft change for Diggs, who started 40 games over five seasons with the Lions and signed a contract extension last season.

Carroll was thrilled with Diggs, a sixth-round draft pick in 2015 from Texas.

“I thought he played well,” he said. “Missed a tackle early, then had a couple of great knocks and a pick. Played good situation football for us. He did a really nice job.

“The safeties (including SS Bradley McDougald) played well. Those guys made good hits and timely plays.”

In the locker room Monday, Diggs also demonstrated humility. He said his mistake led to the interception.

“Not good coverage, but good play,” he said. “If I had better coverage, I might not have made the play. I’ll take that. I’ll be better.”

Diggs was several yards back of 49ers WR Kendrick Bourne on a crossing route. Bourne let the well-thrown ball from QB Jimmy Garoppolo slide through his hands overhead — one of eight drops by SF receivers — and tumble into Diggs’ hands without having to move.

Right place, right time can work.

Diggs’ biggest contribution may have been ferocity at point of contact.

Perhaps Thompson’s most noteworthy liability is that he was not in the Thomas tradition of delivering hard hits in the secondary that cause wideouts to flinch before extending themselves. That’s the main reason they drafted Blair.

“First time we knocked them around the way we want to,” Carroll said of the tackling turned in by his safeties. “I’m really pleased about that.”

Coupled with similar blows struck up front by DE Jadeveon Clowney, the Seahawks allowed the previously undefeated 49ers only one drive of more than 50 yards and only 126 yards in their final 11 possessions.

“On Monday night, it was just play after play after play,” Carroll said of Clowney. “He had so many impact plays. Such a significant role in the night. I think he affected the guys around him, most obviously, in terms of our pass rush and just the activity. This was his best game.

“We have not been disappointed at all in his activity, his effort.”

The timing of a potential resolution on defense is critical, since the schedule continues to harden up with games at Philadelphia, Minnesota, at LA Rams, at Carolina, Arizona and San Francisco to close out the regular season.

The opponents’ cumulative record is 36-25-1, suggesting that the Seahawks are going to need more than the Russell Wilson Olympics.

The 5-5 Eagles are next up (10 a.m. Sunday, flexed by the NFL from the previous 5:20 p.m. kickoff) and offered a valiant effort against New England Sunday before losing 17-10.

The Seahawks have won their last three games in Philly — 24-14 in 2014, 28-24 in 2007 and 42-0 in 2005, and six of seven overall, including 24-10 in December 2017, after which the Eagles made their run to a Super Bowl triumph.

So neither the town not the East Coast travel figure to annoy — they are a club-record 5-0 on the road. But it may feel a bit strange to have at least the threat of a complete team on the plane.

Tyler Lockett may play Sunday

Carroll was cautiously optimistic that WR Tyler Lockett may play Sunday after a severe contusion on a shin left him unable to finish the game in Santa Clara and forced a two-day hospital stay at Stanford before flying back to Seattle.

“He’s doing better,” Carroll said. “We’ll know later in the week his status. We’re hoping and planning on him being able to play. He has to show it to us.

“They wanted to take an extra day to just ensure that he was fine. We’re very fortunate that we were at a great place. They took great care of him. We’re optimistic about it. The extra days are helping us here.”



  • Husky73

    Where are Collier and Burr-Kirvin?

    • art thiel

      Collier is the ninth D-lineman among nine. He may get no further this season. Never got traction after his preseason ankle injury. BBK is on special teams doing well, but the 3 veteran LBs have played well, and rookie Cody Barton is rightfully first off the bench to spell KJ.

  • Bruce McDermott

    Eagles lost that game at home, Art. Pats were the road team.

    • art thiel

      Fixed. Thanks.

  • 1coolguy

    “Perhaps more important, the arrival of Diggs appeared to have settled, in the 10th game, the most unsettled spot in the starting 22 — replacing Earl Thomas.”
    Rarely in pro ball does a player other than the QB have a significant impact on the outcome who plays defense, but yes I agree – We have learned 2 things this season: How much of an impact Thomas had on the passing game as shown by the pathetic numbers for the D, and that Diggs may be a large part of the answer, as this was easily the best pass defense of the season and against a very solid passer.
    I submit the better defensive backfield may have caused Garrapolo to hold the ball longer, giving the D line a better opportunity for pressures and sacks.

    • art thiel

      True. Lots of the pressure on Jimmy G was a result of improved coverage. It also helped that the Niners dropped eight passes of their own volition. Dante Pettis, where did you go?

  • jafabian

    There’s signs that the defense is growing in the right direction. Clowney and Reed have the potential to be the new Bennett/Avril. Ford and Collier are waiting in the wings. Shaquem Griffin received extended playing time on MNF. Earl Thomas might have been right saying that the defense is no longer focused on the secondary but that isn’t a bad thing. It’s more evenly spread out as far as talent goes. To me it looks like the team could have another strong December showing by the way the Hawks are playing.

    • art thiel

      Ford is already established as a solid starter next to Reed. With Diggs good at FS, the only mystery on D is Ansah, who was briefly supplanted by Shaquem. They need production there because Clowney will again rate double-teams.

  • WestCoastBias79

    John Schneider may be suspect at early drafting (Penny and Collier…guh), but dude is in a ninja in building on the fly. He turned Frank Clark (who finally looked good last night) into a bunch of draft picks which gave them the capital to not only draft, but get Clowney and Diggs. If the Defense can continue near this level, I don’t expect Clowney to be Lawrence Taylor every week, this could be a Super Bowl team. Granted, their schedule is brutal, but so is Santa Clara’s.

    • Husky73

      ….and McDowell.

    • art thiel

      Another way to look at it: Despite getting close to nada from McDowell/Penny/Collier, the Seahawks are a legit contender. Imagine if one of those first-rounders (or any other they didn’t pick) was a starter.