BY Art Thiel 01:56PM 05/16/2020

Thiel: Seahawks’ Dunbar turns self in to police

Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar and Giants CB DeAndre Baker reported to Miramar, FL., police Saturday. Attorneys say they have witness statements that contradict police.

CB Quinton Dunbar in 2017 with Washington. / via Wikipedia

Clarity remains elusive in the South Florida saga of Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar, who turned himself in Saturday after an attorney claimed Friday that affadavits signed by witnesses to an armed robbery at a residence Wednesday in Miramar, FL., establish his client’s innocence.

The same claim was made by the attorney for DeAndre Baker, the New York Giants cornerback accused in same episode. Baker also turned himself in Saturday to the Broward County Jail, facing four counts of armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. Dunbar faces four counts of armed robbery.

Both attorneys lamented the conduct of the Miramar Police Dept., which tweeted news Friday of the arrest warrants and police reports while identifying their NFL teams.

Baker’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, confirmed Baker’s decision Saturday on an Instagram account and adopted a more conciliatory tone, writing, “Police reports are just that, reports of what was told to them or said to them . . . Court is what we use to then examine those reports, investigate those claims and allow the Defendant an opportunity to confront the evidence. Don’t rush to judgement (sic).”

Dunbar’s attorney, Michael Grieco, told the Seattle Times Saturday, “We couldn’t wait any longer.”

Grieco told the Miami Herald Friday, “I have never in my career seen a police department so excited about arresting a celebrity.”

ESPN reported Saturday that Grieco said, “Nobody is running from this. My client is innocent. I don’t want him to do a minute in jail for this . . . Miramar Police Department is pot-committed to this case because it has become public.”

ESPN reported that Cohen said he has several affidavits from witnesses exonerating Baker of wrongdoing, and will present those along with video evidence to a judge Sunday.

A Miramar PD public information officer, Tania Rues, said the affadavits contradicting the police report haven’t been presented.

“We have four victims and one witness who provided us with sworn statements under oath that were recorded,” said Rues, who noted that no police interviews have been given. “We welcome anyone that may want to provide a new statement to come into the police department and do so.”

The police report said Dunbar, Baker and an unidentified third man fled in three separate cars from a party after robbing at gunpoint the guests of their cash and valuables. One witness claimed to have met the pair a few days earlier at a party where they lost $70,000 while gambling.

Neither Dunbar, 27, nor Baker, 22, both South Florida natives, have criminal records in Broward or Dade counties, according to media accounts. Dunbar played college ball as a receiver for Florida and was undrafted by the NFL, signing with Washington as a free agent. He was traded to Seattle March 23 for a fifth-round draft choice after Washington declined his demand for a contract extension.

Baker was a first-round pick (30th overall) by the Giants in the 2019 draft after starring at the University of Georgia.


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  • Sebastian Moraga

    Good article, Mr. Thiel. On a separate note, I read today that this year is the 10th anniversary of Sportspress NW. Is that correct? If it is, congrats!

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      We are lucky to be able to read Mr. Thiel’s writing and I miss the old Seattle P-I days when he was “involved” with several other NW classic writers. Think Emmitt Watson, Steve Rudman, references to J Michael Kenyon**, et al.
      Happy Birthday of sorts, Mr. Art!!

      ** not really affiliated with the P-I but nearby.

      • James

        What happened to Steve Rudman? He is still listed as a writer for this site, but his last article was more than two years ago.

        • art thiel

          My pal Steve retired quietly.

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            Mr. Art
            This is good to read. When you hear nothing for a while, the mind turns to bad situations. So a nice quiet retirement is preferable.

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        Watson, Kenyon, Rudman. All my local heroes.

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        I miss Art’s many articles describing fascinating Mariner meltdowns. Simply a joy to read. Excellent work with Sportspress NW!

    • art thiel

      Possibly. One day bleeds into another, yes?

  • Husky73

    Judgement or judgment? I think both are acceptable. But, what is pot-committed? Is that a poker term? Like “all in?”

    • DB

      -Same reaction to pot-committed. So I looked it up. Indeed: poker. Unable to fold as a strategically correct play, given the current pot odds…

    • art thiel

      No “e” in this house. Yes, on pot-committed. No relation any of your current or former habits.

    • Husky73

      No bad habits here, other than to expect Kyle Seager to take a strike and hit to left.

  • Tim

    If he’s indeed innocent, he better not be late for the next media appearance.

    • art thiel

      Yes, that put a post-interview arch in my eyebrow.