BY Art Thiel 10:29AM 10/03/2020

Huskies open at Cal, Cougs at Oregon State

The Pac-12 released its seven-game schedule Saturday. The Huskies open at Cal, the Cougars at Oregon State, both on Nov. 7.

Huskies C Nick Harris proudly displays his game shirt mocking the Cougars after UW’s win over the Cougars in the 2019 Apple Cup at Husky Stadium. / Art Thiel, Sportspress Northwest

The Pac-12 Conference, certain on Aug. 11 it wouldn’t have a football season in 2020, instead released a seven-game schedule Saturday, including road openers Nov. 7 for both Washington schools, the Huskies at Cal and the Cougars at Oregon State.

As has become the recent custom, the Apple Cup will again be the day after Thanksgiving, this year Nov. 27 at Martin Stadium in Pullman. It will be the first rivalry game for both head coaches, UW’s Jimmy Lake and WSU’s Nick Rolovich.

No start times were announced and, at least for now, no fans will be in attendance at any conference venue.

Besides five games against North Division rivals, a sixth game is against a team from the South Division. UW seemed to come out a little better, hosting Arizona Nov. 21, while WSU travels to USC for a Friday, Dec. 4 contest.

The division champs meet in the confeence title game Dec. 18, and other teams will have a seventh game that weekend.

In a video conference this week, Lake was thrilled to get his first season underway in the fall instead of a spring league.

“It’s like we just won the lottery,” he said. “We’re so excited around here that we have a season to look forward to and we have something to prepare for. Our morale right now is through the roof. But no question, a few months ago it was a roller coaster. We’re playing a Pac-12 season and then we’re not playing it until January and now we’re playing.”


Sat., Nov. 7 — at California

Sat., Nov. 14 — vs. Oregon State

Sat., Nov. 21 — vs. Arizona

Fri., Nov, 27 — at Washington State

Sat., Dec. 5 — vs. Stanford

Sat., Dec. 12 —  at Oregon

Fri.-Sat., Dec. 18-19 — Pac-12 Championship Game weekend


Sat., Nov. 7 — at Oregon State

Sat., Nov. 14 — Oregon

Sat., Nov. 21 — at Stanford

Fri., Nov. 27 — Washington

Fri, Dec. 4 — at USC

Sat., Dec. 12 — California

Fri.-Sat., Dec. 18-19 — Pac-12 Championship Game weekend




  • Alan Harrison

    In light of everything, I hope this is not a mistake. I fear it is, but I hope it is not.

    • kiltlifter

      The NFL has hit some road bumps. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

      • art thiel

        The NFL’s cross-country travel with large contingent is likely to be hole in their bubble.

    • art thiel

      The financial peril at many big time colleges is profound. Their decisions are driven by preserving sports with the cash they generate.

  • Husky73

    If half of a college football season falls in a forest and no one hears it (no students, no band…), does it matter?

    • art thiel

      Ah, but the half that stands will make enough money via TV revs to get the dead wood hauled off.

    • SeattleSince57

      Of course,
      to the student athletes, oh, and the paid up alumni boosters.

  • jafabian

    KOMO reported that UW says that 117 positive COVID-19 cases have been confirmed among nearly a dozen sorority and fraternities. UCLA reported 277 cases since March. In September USC said they had 170 active cases on campus for COVID-19. In California Governor Newsom’s reopening plan uses tiers and LA is still in Tier 1 according to the LA Times. said yesterday that ASU reported 104 new COVID-19 cases in the past week, and UA reported 118. In comparison, UA reported 261 new cases on Sept. 14 alone.

    In light of numbers like these the conference is still willing to travel into COVID-19 hotspots in the name of football. Most likely the players will be in a bubble much like how the NFL is doing but the past week has shown it isn’t perfect. Far from it. Though I doubt the teams will be as reckless as our nations leaders were at Judge Amy Barrett’s confirmation at the White House Rose Garden the science says this is a risky decision. For the PAC12 though it’s all good. I’m wondering where the players who were a part of #weareunited stand in all this? They’ve been relatively quiet in all this.

    • ClaudiaAGreen

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  • 1coolguy

    Only 429 of those 24 and under have died from the virus, so statistically very, very few.
    Given the precautions implemented in these athletic programs and newer, much faster testing results, these athletes will be much better off than the general population. There is no reason to not play.
    In 2018 there were 39,404 automobile deaths in the US, with the overwhelming number in the under 25 age group. Should we stop driving?
    It’s all relative and I suggest we check back after the season to see whether this fear is worth all the print it has received.

    • Seattle Psycho

      That’s great that “only” 429 of those have died. Out of all those under the age of 24 who had it and did/did not know it, how many passed it on to someone else who did die?

      • 1coolguy

        I’ll weigh in with an FDR quote: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.
        After the Monday morning QB’s attack everything done/not done regarding the Covid, maybe we will know. Until then, people need to get “unstuck” and move forward.