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Hickey: Halfway, Mariners should ride it out, as is

Posted on by John Hickey

At least competitive in the first half at 39-42, the Mariners are best served long-term by doing the best they can with what they have.

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Dybas: Early withdrawal rule penalizes college basketball

Posted on by Todd Dybas

The know-it-alls at the NCAA recently passed another head-shaking rule. This one will expedite the departure of good players from college basketball who are unprepared for the NBA. Makes sense, huh?

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Thiel: Bedard hurt, Felix off, Mariners down

Posted on by Art Thiel

Bad luck, says Felix of his losing outing. Well, no — bad luck is losing Bedard to yet another injury.

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Dybas: Pauley makes a change, alters career

Posted on by Todd Dybas

A minor adjustment has turned David Pauley’s changeup into one of the most effective pitches in the league. It’s also altered the trajectory of his career.

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Hickey: Mariners in desperate need of catchers

Posted on by John Hickey

Seattle is looking to the minor leagues for backstop help with Miguel Olivo and Chris Gimenez hurt.

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Wayback Machine: The Earl (and Pearl) of Snohomish

Posted on by David Eskenazi

Over a 13-year major league career, primarily with the Cleveland Indians, Earl Averill made “Snohomish” a permanent part of the baseball lexicon.

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Thiel: An unheard-of six months in local sports

Posted on by Art Thiel

The year is half over, and in Seattle it’s been half-glad, half-mad, half-sad; of course, it doesn’t add up, which is why we keep watching.

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Hickey: Mariners’ winning ways unsupported by stats

Posted on by John Hickey

Despite winning games over the past six weeks, the offense continues to dwindle. That’s a huge problem for a team hoping to contend.

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Hickey: King’s Court adds life to Olivo, Mariners

Posted on by John Hickey

Special fans’ section makes itself heard and boosts the Mariners to a win over the Marlins in the process.

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Kolloen: Zduriencik, don’t go all Bavasi on us

Posted on by Seth Kolloen

Jack Z. must decide–soon–whether to attempt a Bavasi-like rapid improvement program.

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