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With Bedard, Fister gone, Mariners rotation a shadow

Posted on by John Hickey

After two big trades, Mariners will use Beavan to fill one spot in rotation, but will have to dip into Tacoma roster for a fifth starter.

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Dybas: Hawkins’ fit gave the ’96 Sonics a booster shot

Posted on by Todd Dybas

The 1995 trade for Hersey Hawkins was the key move that pushed the Sonics to the NBA Finals. In town for the Sonics Celebration, he talks about the season, and a Game 6 miss he can’t forget.

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Hickey: Mariners’ Bedard unlikely to appeal to buyers

Posted on by John Hickey

Cust traded, Laffey demoted, Cortes recalled as M’s lose big; trade possibilities all over the map for Seattle.

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Thiel: Mariners, Seahawks, Matt, Pac-12 go large

Posted on by Art Thiel

An amazing day in local and national sports — Mariners win for first time since three-fingered gloves — bu fun is tempered by the death of “The Peanut Man”

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Thiel: After Hasselbeck, new Seahawks QB a placeholder

Posted on by Art Thiel

Tarvaris Jackson’s undistinguished five years in Minnesota suggest that the new Seahawks QB is a temp in the pursuit of a replacement for Matt Hasselbeck.

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Wayback Machine: Jack Lelivelt’s Seattle Rainiers

Posted on by David Eskenazi

Jack Lelivelt presided over the greatest era in Seattle Rainiers history, one that included three consecutive Pacific Coast League pennants.

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Thiel: Don’t soil memory of ’92 with these Mariners

Posted on by Art Thiel

Last time the Mariners lost so many in a row, there was a good team in the making, crippled by injuries. But the 2011 team has far less hope — unless the trade deadline brings help.

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Crystal Balls: Predictions for the week

Posted on by Deidre Silva

Last week, Seattle shouldered its burden of being a long-suffering sports town. Sounders get embarrassed by Man U, M’s set record for consecutive losses. The good news? Clouds lose to sun. Let’s go kayaking.

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Hickey: After historic 14th loss, next year is here

Posted on by John Hickey

Another bumbling day of offense Sunday (0-for-13 with runners in scoring position) means it’s time to turn over the season to Carp, Halman, Ackley and the rest of the youngsters.

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Dybas: Staging NBA charity game here one tough pull

Posted on by Todd Dybas

Saturday’s H206 Charity Basketball Classic at KeyArena will assemble local talent and bring money to kids. It wasn’t easy.

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