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Thiel: Mariners finally know Jack about something

Posted on by Art Thiel

Yes, the GM has made mistakes, but considering the franchise’s obstacles, he deserved the contract extension he received Wednesday.

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Wayback Machine: UW bonanza at the 1936 Olympics

Posted on by David Eskenazi

Seventy-five years ago this month, a collection of UW athletes came away with a major haul at the Berlin Olympic Games, much to the consternation of a mustachioed maniac.

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Thiel: Huskies catch on about when to play whom

Posted on by Art Thiel

After years of big-boy pummelings in the non-conference schedule, Sarkisian defends the home opener against Eastern Washington.

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Thiel: Playing time needs to go to kids, not Ichiro

Posted on by Art Thiel

Talk grows that Mariners may have a surplus at some positions. But before they make another trading mistake, they need to give Ichiro’s time to youngsters.

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Thiel: Reform? Only if NCAA goes pro

Posted on by Art Thiel

Please, Mark Emmert, no more baby steps to reforming the NCAA. Let the big schools go pro and end the hypocrisy.

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Wayback Machine: Seattle Rainiers Roll of Honor

Posted on by David Eskenazi

On Aug. 12, 1954, the Seattle Rainiers introduced the most popular players (and manager) in the team’s PCL franchise history, making for a memorable night at Sicks’ Stadium.

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Thiel: No Seahawks questions go unanswered

Posted on by Art Thiel

Offensive mistakes galore spoil Seahawks’ exhibition debut as Vikings win, 20-7 and knock around QBs.

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Thiel: Seahawks’ big man coming to WR near you

Posted on by Art Thiel

Fourth-year defensive tackle Red Bryant won’t be hard to spot. He’s the 335-pound due chasing 180-pound receivers into the Seahawks secondary.

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Thiel: Jack Z’s Mariners kids buying him time

Posted on by Art Thiel

Newcomer kids Hultzen, Miller and Ruffin showed up Wednesday at Safeco to make young Mariners even younger — and perhaps more productive

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Wayback Machine: Joe Gottstein’s racing revival

Posted on by David Eskenazi

A visionary, Joseph Gottstein, used the 1929 stock market crash to revive the sport of kings and build an entertainment venue that would last for six decades.

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