By Art Thiel | Published September 11, 2010 | Full size is 275 × 183 pixels

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  • They beat the Tigers.  Might want to fix the headline.

    • Steverudman

      Got. Dumb on us. Thanks, Jake

      • Haha, no worries, just wanted to fix it real quick.

  • Pezgallo

    Your headline confuses me.  Didn’t they play the Tigers?

  • jafabian

    Why this team can’t hit at Safeco Field but hit in Comerica Park is beyond me.  Again, Figgins goes hitless and Ichiro hits like a leadoff hitter, leaving 4 on base.  But he wasn’t the only one with a lot of LOB’s.  I guess can’t complain when the team wins.

  • Tim M.

    I totally agree. Flynn would have been running for his life behind that same line, and actually may have been sacked more than Wilson. At least one interception was because Wilson got knocked from behind. I’m all for keeping Russell in…no time to panic now.

  • PokeyPuffy

    thanks Art, good effort reading the tea leaves! I wonder how much happens behind the scenes in terms of internal politics. If the mediocrity continues will Paul Allen finally pick up the phone and mandate they plug in the 10 million $ QB?

    For my entertainment dollar I’m ready for Flynn, i’ve seen enough of this offense under Wilson. It was painful even watching the green bay game in the second half, less the Rams which was a total head banger.

    One thing you mentioned is Wilson’s “intangibles” which in NFL-speak should = leadership. I have not been aware of any strong leadership at least outwardly towards the media. i.e. its the QB’s job to call out weaknesses and poor performance (including his own). Perhaps this is happening in the locker room, but who knows?? All I hear from PC and Wilson is that we as fans should be expecting the same. “Stay the course” as another W liked to say……

  • Will

    As the curtain opens a wee bit more, we find Oz Pete dispensing coach-speak so nuanced even he is clueless.

    Someday we will look back on the ’12 season and we will repeat the word, “huh?”